Make wood framing, finishing and fixing easier with a quality Paslode nail gun .

Paslode supply professional gas and pneumatic nailing systems for non-stop use in building and heavy construction. These nailers are specifically designed fixing guns or air guns that deliver fast, high-powered bursts of nails of all sizes to drive flush into even the toughest lumber.

Removing the need for hammers, nail guns have features designed for non-stop nailing of framing, finish and general exterior systems. They are essential building productivity tools for fencing, framing, roofing, decking and much more.

Our heavy duty machines can deliver nails up to 3 1/2, ie. up to 90mm nails to join 2x4's. Paslode coil nailers allow large quantities of nails to be delivered without reloading - great when you are on the roof! We also stock cap tools and staplers with air hoses - there is a model exactly right for your application. Look out for our amazing Paslode offers.

• Framing nailers include metal connector and sub floor fastening with brite or galvanized nails, including brad nails, from various magazine configurations; strips, caps, coils and staples.

• Finish system nail guns apply galvanized nails of all sizes for exterior finishes, applied using 2 strip configuration magazines.

• Exterior system nail guns are used for Decking, Roofing and Siding applications. Usually pneumatic tools with an air hose, they nail galvanized strips, caps and staples. can advise you on the best combo for your application. The most popular model is the Paslode Impulse FrameMaster-Li, otherwise known by its Model number B20543. A quick charger kit is also available so your battery is always ready for use.

Company History

When it formed in 1935, Paslode took its name from its product range, ie. "PAcking Shipping LOading DEvices".

The company made history in 1940 when they created the first stapling hammer. This was updated in 1959 when they pioneered the addition of air actuation to create the world's first pneumatic nailer.

Continue leaders in the field of nailing systems, Paslode developed the Impulse range of gas nail guns which was taken over in 1986 by Illinois Tool Works ( ITW).

Today, Paslode still focuses on the development and manufacture of construction and building maintenance tools. Their innovative fastening solutions and service equipment always carries their distinctive orange and black branding.

Holding many patents on fastener technology, Paslode's outstanding range of fuel powered cordless tools deliver high quality solutions in Australia and worldwide.