Suprabeam - Real Life, Real Light

Whether you're looking for a torch for around the house through to the toughest military environments, Suprabeam has a product to suit your needs. Suprabeam uses only the highest quality components, and provides a class leading 5 year warranty.

Integrated digital power management guarantees peak LED performance and extended battery life, catering for both standard and rechargeable batteries. Our hyperfocus LED light focusing technology produces the highest light output by limiting optical light loss to a minimum. The innovative optical technology ensures all beam settings produce the highest light output and the best light beam distribution for any desired angle.

Available in alkaline or rechargeable models in both headlamps and torches with power outputs up to 800 Lumens and 335 Meters. From small part inspection to lighting an entire paddock there's a Suprabeam product to suit your every need.

Suprabeam History

In 2001 the Steiner company started trading particular LED-torches to some clients "as a customer service". This became such a large success that we decided to establish our own brand Suprabeam and to develop and design our own LED-lighting products.

Suprabeam today designs and distributes innovative LED-torches and LED-head lights of the highest quality to professional craftsmen in the industry, with automotive and outdoor applications.