Brickies Trowels |

Trying to build a brick wall, house or other structure would be pretty hard to do without the necessary brickies tools such as bricklaying trowels and other trowels that get the job done.

Without bricklaying trowels, there would be no way to level and smooth out the mortar layer between the bricks that holds everything together. There are a variety of brickies tools available and you need high quality tools at low prices. has a great selection of brickies tools and bricklaying trowels, including:

  • London Brick Trowel with Durasoft Handle
  • Pointing Trowel Duragrip Handle
  • Philly Brick Trowel Duragrip Handle
  • Gauging Trowels Soft Grip Handle
  • Square Front Trowel
  • 200mm Gauging Trowel
  • 200mm Splash Trowel
  • And More

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