Buckaroo Tool Belts and Bags

Buckaroo Tool Belt

100% Australian made, the Buckaroo tool belt is handcrafted in leather and designed to withstand the harshest Australian conditions. These premium quality belts for tradies and miners are customisable by means of frogs, pouches and accessories, all purpose made by Buckaroo.

The Australian specialist company, Buckaroo, has been making leather goods in Australia since 1971 and Tools.com is proud to offer our customers their uniquely designed tool belts from this iconic range.

The belt itself is highly engineered with features that suit professional tradespeople so that they can carry the essential tools required without overloading. There are designs for riggers, miners, scaffolders, carpenters and steel fixers, as well as an 'all rounder' belt for general work. Buckaroo belts have set new standards in leather tool belts and accessories as well as apron style belts.

Safety First

There are many benefits of purchasing a leather Buckaroo tool belt, however, it is the intrinsic protection for the back that makes it safe and comfortable to wear. With strategically placed separators for even weight distribution, loops for threading on shoulder braces, and even built-in back support, Buckaroo belts work hard to prevent back strain or injury. An upper strap holds the pouches and tool holders while the sturdy main buckle allows for 5 point adjustment on the heavy duty leather belt.

Frogs, pouches and holders are available to customise the Buckaroo tool belt which will hold a wide range of tools and accessories including:

  • hammer
  • nipps
  • chisel
  • square rule
  • tape
  • level
  • rule
  • Stanley knife
  • glue bottle
  • chalk
  • linesman’s spray
  • mobile phone
  • 2 way radio
  • cap lamp
  • cordless drill
  • power tool

There are also handy fastener bags available, with multiple pockets, for bolts and nails, as well as specialist bags that will fit on the belt: a cabinet maker's bag and an electrician's pouch.

Compile and order your ideal Buckaroo tool belt online today at Tools.com.