Chalk Flick String Lines |

A builders string line is one of the oldest hand tools and has been used for centuries in masonry and carpentry, as well as other applications, to help create a straight line between two reference points. A string line allows you to mark the shortest distance. This helps you to avoid sags or tilts in a structure---not something you want! A string line is often used with a plumb bob.

If you have ever installed a tile or hardwood floor, you understand the importance of chalk and string lines! While this type of project illustrates the usefulness of a chalk string line or builders string line; there are other applications for it as well. has what you need in the way of builders string line and chalk string line to keep all of your work straight! You can shop online and get fast delivery to your door, while saving big bucks on string line and thousands of other high quality, brand name products!

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