Cordless Tools

Get the best without getting tied down

Ever had a job that required a little bit of awkward manoeuvring? Of course you have, it’s part of every workplace and every DIY environment that things will get a bit tricky sometimes whether that’s a tight corner or a remote job site. That’s where cordless tools come in.

Cutting the cord means cutting the man power

Cordless tools are lighter, easier to use and more environmentally friendly than their tied-down siblings. For a contractor it’s an easy choice to go cordless, as you’ll significantly reduce overheads with cordless options. For the DIY enthusiast, cordless tools mean that you can get the job done at every place in the house without having to hunt for power points. Whatever your job, cordless tools have become one of the essential parts of any complete tool kit.

Don’t get tripped up, go cordless today

Battery powered cordless tools make the hardest task a snap and let you get the job done without any snags. At we stock one of the most comprehensive cordless tools selections available Australia-wide and it’s all available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. stocks the top cordless power tool brands on the market, each with special advantages and features. These include, DeWalt, Milwaukee, MakitaFestool, and Hitachi.

It's vital to remember that the ideal brand for you will rely on your own requirements, taste, and spending capacity. Before making a purchase, it's wise to conduct some research and read reviews to be sure you're receiving the greatest product for the money.

Popular types of power tools include, Cordless Angle Grinders, Cordless Band SawsCordless Hammer Drills, Cordless Impact Drivers, Cordless Jigsaws, Cordless Mitre Saws, Cordless Nail Guns, Cordless Rebar Tying Tools, Cordless Right Angle Drills, Cordless Rotary Tools, Cordless Sanders & Polishers, Cordless Screwdrivers, Cordless Shears And Nibblers, Cordless Sprayers and Cordless Stirrers.