Drill Doctors

A Clever Invention - the Drill Doctor

You can use a Drill Doctor as a drill bit sharpener and save time fooling around with dull bits that don't perform well. Save money on buying new bits because your old ones are worn out.

Dull drill bits can slip, break, overheat and ruin your project or work piece. These sharpening tools will bring dull bits back to factory sharp in seconds.

Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpeners

The patented dual cam technology in a drill doctor sharpener moves the drill bit in two planes against a diamond sharpening wheel, using the same motion as when new bits are first generated. This means you can hand sharpen most bit materials and configurations. Drill doctors can sharpen all types of bits:

  • high speed steel
  • carbide
  • tin coated
  • cobalt,
  • black oxide
  • split pointed
  • masonry bits

Check out the drill doctor reviews and you will notice that their inventive design includes a built-in alignment system, so you just insert the drill bit and turn the drill doctor for easy sharpening. Longer jaws can grip the drill bits more precisely, especially smaller bits, to prevent torsion while sharpening.

Get Tools Direct stock the most popular Drill Doctor 750X model - designed to sharpen the largest range of bits and sizes. This versatile 750X sharpener is designed for most workshops and even on site, allowing precision resharpening of bits up to 19mm diameter in seconds.

Other models include the drill doctor 360X and 500X and we also carry replacement diamond wheels, chucks (13mm and 19mm) and chuck keys. Special chucks are also available for left handed users.

Don't be delayed by replacing dull drill bits. Restore the drill bits that you own - get sharp and get back to work!

Get Drill Doctor in Australia now from Get Tools Direct for great prices and our efficient door to door delivery service.