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If you are shopping around for a sander, you might consider checking out the benefits of a dual action sander or dual action air sander.

What is a Dual Action Air Sander?

A dual action sander is just that: dual action, and will perform two different tasks merely by flicking a switch. Here is basically how it works:

The sanding disc, or polishing action, is attached to a motor that rotates through a gear system that lets it rotate in an orbital motion. Since there is an offset weight in the sanding and polishing disc, the sander can cover large areas of the surface you are working on. A rotating system is ideal for stripping paint and grinding all the way down to bare metal in a hurry. The really great thing is when you use the orbital system of a dual action air sander, the sanding wheel will not stay on the same area for long, which prevents over sanding or polishing of any one area and provides a much better finish. When you are ready to go from sanding to buffing a surface to a nice high luster---just flip the switch!

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