Fein Cordless Tools

Fein Cordless Tools: Quality You Can Count On

Offering high tech, high performance quality you need. This is a brand with a long and respected history, dating back to its founding in 1867. Thirty years later, Emil Fein, the founder's son, invented the world's first electric hand drill.

Since that time, they've continued to be some of the most popular products in the world, used by both Pros and DIYers alike. Whether you're a tradie looking to outfit a tool kit or a dedicated DIY enthusiast who thrives on Honey Do projects, they have the tools you need to tackle even the roughest, toughest jobs.

Types of Fein Cordless Tools

Wondering what types of cordless tools are available?

The Fein brand manufactures a broad range of superior cordless tools, so no worries about getting just what you need. Here are some examples of the type of cordless tools available:

  • Fein Cordless Angle Drills
  • Fein Cordless Drill Drivers
  • Fein Cordless Hammer Drills
  • Fein Cordless Impact Wrenches
  • Fein Cordless Nibblers and Shears
  • Fein Cordless Screw Guns
  • Fein Cordless Multi Tools

Cordless Tools Warranty

If this isn't your first time buying tools, you're probably expecting the standard One Year Warranty. But Fein cordless tools provide you with a fantastic Fein Plus Three Year Warranty!

Why? Because this company does extensive research, testing and quality control. So when products go out to retailers and end users, each has been proven to be of highest quality, powerful performance and exceptional durability. Fein is so sure their cordless tools will prove satisfactory they're willing to back each one with a longer than average warranty.

Shopping for Fein Cordless Tools

You might expect to pay premium prices for premium products such as Fein cordless tools. But when you buy online from Tools.com, you get low prices every day, the convenience of shopping 24/7 at a time that is most convenient for you, plus fast delivery directly to your door!