Gardening Tools

Gardena is the preferred international brand for gardening tools and equipment. Their quality range of garden tools includes everything needed for garden care. Gardena manufactures intelligent products and systems for watering, lawn care, tree and shrub care, soil and ground cultivation. Whether for city gardening or rural cultivation, Gardena is the choice of gardening tool in more than 80 countries.


Stockists of Gardena gardening tools,, carry a range of innovative solutions for garden care and maintenance in the following categories:

  • Garden Sprinklers

Choose from a wide range of garden sprinklers according to watering requirements:

For smaller areas, circular sprinklers are very easy to set up and handle.

For symmetrical areas of up to 350 square meters, oscillating sprinklers provide even coverage.

For larger areas up to 490 square meters, wide range sprinklers have the most adaptability.

  • Garden Hoses

As a vital part of irrigation systems, garden hoses need to be strong, flexible and reliable. Gardena garden hoses keep their shape in all conditions.

  • Garden Hose Storage

Hose reels allow easy watering, with tidy hose storage. Wall mounted models are available, as well as portable trolleys for a mobile solution.

  • Garden Digging Tools

Powerful, secure and comfortable to use, check out the spades, forks and shovels in this online section.

  • Garden Cutting & Pruning

These tools include axes and hatchets, grass shears, hedge clippers, pruning loppers and garden saws, scissors and secateurs.

  • Garden Nozzles & Spray Guns

Featuring nozzles for cleaning and sprayers for watering, Gardena products have easy controls, built-in frost protection and ergonomic grips.

  • Garden Water Timers & Computers

This control equipment can set up the perfect automatic watering system, ensuring the right amount of water is delivered at the right time to each area.

Other specialty tools include long-handled weeding trowels and grippers, as well as outdoor shower fittings.

Serving the whole of Australia with easy online ordering and great prices, supplies the gardening tools you need.