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To make short work of what would otherwise be a long, laborious job - use a caulking gun.

Caulking tubs, shower enclosures, sinks, doors, windows and more can be a really big job. But a handy caulking gun is user friendly and can zip right through even the biggest and toughest caulking jobs!

Tools.com stocks a full line of high quality caulking tools, including caulking guns for mortar, sealants, adhesives and other caulking materials.

A Manual Caulking Gun

Caulking guns can be electric or cordless, battery operated units.

We also stock pneumatic caulking guns in our Air Tools range and hand caulking guns as well but, whichever type you choose, they are all very easy to operate.

Tools.com stocks caulking guns from several major brands; DeWalt, Metabo, ProAmp, Milwaukee and Makita caulking guns. Some come complete with nozzles and attachments, chargers and carry cases, or they can be purchased separately.

Our range includes heavy duty models, through tubular models, to the lightest weight skeleton caulking guns that just consist of a frame or cradle that holds the cylinder in place ready to cut the tip and dispense. We also stock a sausage caulking gun design that can take a sausage pack of sealant or be adapted to take a cartridge.

Look out for a dripless caulking gun feature which releases the cartridge pressure when caulking more viscous fillers like adhesives and polyurethanes. At the end of the application, it will also stop waste by preventing unwanted continuing leakage out of the caulking gun nozzle.

At Tools.com, we offer a wide range including cordless and electric caulking guns. You are sure to find the right caulking tool for your application on our website. Shop and buy online from Tools.com and receive fast delivery right to your door.

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