HiKOKI 18V Brushless 90mm Framing Nailer (tool only) NR1890DBCL(H4Z)


  • Unique Air Drive System - Compressed air is used to drive each nail increasing power, performance and driving speed
  • Lower running costs: - No Gas cells required. Purchasing nails without gas cells is approximately 50% cheaper - No regular cleaning of a combustion chamber is required significantly reducing the cost of servicing and down time - Fewer parts to manage results in easier maintenance
  • Dual function trigger for Sequential and contact mode with operation control panel
  • Dry-fire lockout mechanism prevents the nailer from being activated when there is a very low level of nails in the magazine
  • Integrated Hook for added convenience
  • Safer and more comfortable to use on any jobsite than Gas combustion models
  • Brushless motors are 30% more efficient than conventional models as no energy is wasted through brush friction thus extending battery run time
Driving SystemUnique Air Drive
Nail Length50 to 90 mm
Drive Speed1.5 to 2 nails/sec. (Intermittent)
Loading Capacity47 nails
Firing ModeFull sequential/Contact (Selectable)
Battery Voltage18V
Fastening series34 degree clipped head
Dimension: H x L x W342 x 309 x 127 mm (with battery)
Weight4.8 kg (with battery)

HiKOKI 18V Rotary Hammer DH18DL


  • 2-mode action: Rotation only mode, Rotation and hammering mode
  • 2-mode power: Save mode for small bit and Power mode for large bit
  • 4.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery provides longer runtime per charge than 3.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Includes cassette Lithium-ion battery and charger
  • New design to decrease grease leaks
  • Soft grip handle
  • Angle adjustable hook with LED light
Voltage18 V
Capacity: Concrete16 mm (5/8")
Capacity: Mild Steel13 mm (1/2")
Capacity: Wood18 mm (11/16")
No Load Speed: Save Mode0-750 rpm
No Load Speed: Power Mode0-1,500 rpm
Impact Rate: Save Mode0-3,100 ipm
Impact Rate: Power Mode0-6,200 ipm
Length315 mm
Weight2.3 kg

HiKOKI 18V 125mm Brushless Circular SawC18DBL(H4Z)


  • Able to make over 500 cuts, Cutting 70 x 35mm Radiata Pine
  • Max 47mm depth of cut ensures this model can perform the majority of work required with a circular saw
  • Rotation speed change over function : Power mode / Silent mode reduces max motor RPM enabling efficient work with less noise. When the load increases during Silent mode, the tool will automatically switch over to Power mode and revert back to Silent mode when the load decreases. In Power mode, no change is made to Silent mode even when the load decreases.
  • Overload protection cuts off the power to the motor in the event of overloading the motor or a conspicuous reduction in rotational speed during operation. This improves safety for the user plus protects the motor and battery from damage
  • Electric brake rapidly stops blade from rotating, increasing user safety
  • Soft start function increases safety and control by reducing kickback on start up
  • Brushless motors are 30% more efficient than conventional models as no energy is wasted through brush friction thus extending battery run time
  • Electronic switches are more efficient in transferring energy and only require half the pull force of conventional switches
  • Quick lever cutting height adjustment enables tool-less fine tuning for accurate depth setting
  • Easy bevel adjustment lever enables tool-less fine tuning for accurate angle cutting
  • 90° fine adjustment screw underneath the base enables user to easily ensure blade is accurately
  • Ultra bright twin LED for well lit work area
  • Ambidextrous safety switch lever and light switch are integrated into one switch for increased safety
  • Exceptional ergonomics with a slim grip handle for increased user comfort and significantly reduced
  • weight and size
  • At only 2.6 kg and 280 mm in length with centre balanced form to help reduce user fatigue making this one of the most lightweight and compact cordless circular saws on the market
  • On board tool for quick and easy blade change over
  • Rubber buffers to protect motor housing from damage and for easy standing while changing blade
  • Optional cooling charger maintains constant communication with the battery to monitor the charging process. The charger will cool the battery during the charge cycle to prevent damage and extend longevity. (Sold separately)
  • Optional Li-ion batteries feature multiple protection circuit that protects the battery & tool from overload, over heat, over discharge & over charge (Sold separately)
Capacity90° : 47 mm / 45° : 30 mm
No Load SpeedPower: 5,000 (min-1) / Silent: 3,000 (min-1)
Blade125 mm
Angle Cutting0 - 45°
Weight2.6 kg with battery
Dimensions (L x W x H)280 x 168 x 237 mm (with battery)

HiKOKI 18V Brushless Reciprocating Saw CR18DBL(H4Z)


  • Auto Mode - Auto mode automatically increases the number of revolutions when the load becomes heavier during operation. When the load becomes lighter, the number of revolutions is automatically reduced. With auto mode, electricity consumption and noise can be suppressed by lowering the number of maximum strokes during no-load motor operation.
  • Easy to Grip and Handle - Easy to Grip and Handle The brushless motor allows for the compact design of the tool. With the longer and slimmer front grip, it is even easier to grip and handle.
  • Tool-less Blade Change - Tool-less Blade Change Blade installation and removal can be done by simply pushing a lever. The blade can be installed or removed regardless of the position of the plunger.
  • Tool-less Shoe Adjustment- The shoe (base) lever allows the shoe to be adjusted.
  • No.141(S) curved blade included as standard - No.141(S) curved blade cuts approx. 10 - 20% faster* with the optimized teeth settings and curved shape of the blade.
    * Vs. No. 341 blade. (When cutting stainless steel).
  • Large Pivoting Hook - Hook conveniently allows for hanging the tool on a Ø 48 mm pipe.
  • Bright LED Light - LED Light comes in handy for illuminating the cutting edge in dimly lit areas like an attic.
Capacity - Mild Steel Pipe130 mm (5")
Capacity -Vinyl Chloride Pipe130 mm (5")
Capacity - Wood 120 mm (4-23/32")
Capacity - Mild Steel Plate 19 mm (3/4")
Voltage18 V
Length of Stroke 32 mm (1-1/4")
No Load Speed0 - 2,500 / min
Overall Length435 mm (17-1/8")
Weight3.4 kg with Battery
SPM*Low - 0-1600 / min
Medium - 0-2300 / min
High - 0-2500 / min
Auto Mode - 0 - 1,600/min (Under low load) or 2,500/min(Under high load)

* The number of stokes per minute varies depending on the operational conditions.

HiKOKI 18V Brushless Triple Hammer Impact Driver WH18DBDL2(H4Z)


  • 207 Nm Max Torque providing high power for the toughest jobs.
  • Triple Hammer - The hammer with 3 strikers reduces vibration by making 3 impacts per rotation instead of the conventional 2. This results in greater comfort and less cam-out; driver slippage from screw head.
  • 4 Step Tightening Mode Selector in order to suit various applications.
  • Brushless motors are 30% more efficient than conventional models as no energy is wasted through brush friction thus extending battery run time.
  • High speed fastening up to 25% faster than previous HiKOKI model WH18DDL. Tested driving a F5.3 x 120 mm wood screw into hard wood without a pilot hole.
  • Electronic switches are more efficient in transferring energy and only require half the pull force of conventional switches.
  • Exceptional ergonomics with well balanced weight distribution ensures less user fatigue and greater work efficiency with the centre of gravity positioned at the middle finger of the grip hand.
  • Multi-function ultra bright LED light allows the user to select between trigger co-ordinated with afterglow or ON/OFF switch.
CapacityBolt - M5-M18
High tension bolt - M5-M14
Machine screw - M4-M10
Torque Max. - 207 Nm
No load speedSoft Mode - 0 - 900 (min-1)
Normal mode - 0 - 2,900 (min-1)
Power mode - 0 - 2,900 (min-1)
S-Mode - 0 - 2,900 (min-1)
Impact rate Soft mode - 0 - 1,900 (min-1)
Normal mode - 0 - 4,000 (min-1)
Power mode - 0 - 4,000 (min-1)
S-Mode - 0 - 2,100 (min-1)
Drive6.35 mm Hex Drive
Weight1.6 kg (with battery)
Length127 mm (with battery)

HiKOKI 18V 82mm Planer (tool only) P18DSL(H4Z)


  • 82 mm cutting width for increased work efficiency
  • Powerful cutting with a max cutting depth of 2.0 mm and 9 mm rebating depth
  • Heavy duty aluminium end bracket for increased strength and endurance
  • Rear stand for added user safety and protection of blades
  • Optional dust adaptor enables optional elbow and dust bag attachment to be fitted for increased safety
  • Exceptional ergonomics with a slim grip angled handle for increased user comfort
Cutting Width82 mm
Max. Cutting Depth 2.0 mm
Max. Rebating Depth 9.0 mm
No Load Speed 16,000
Weight: 3.3 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 332 x 166 x 160 mm

Hikoki 18V Blower & Vacuum Pack (tool only) RB18DC(DS4Z)


  • Blower and vacuum functions
  • Variable speed control trigger allows air volume to be adjusted providing convenience for work in confined areas or where air volume adjustment is required
  • Vacuum with a dust bag
  • Grip Handle
Voltage18 V
Air Volume3.5 m³/min
Max Air Velocity95 m/s
Vibration Level2.0 m/s²
Sound Pressure Level85 dB(A)
Weight1.8 kg

HiKOKI 36V MultiVolt Battery A Slide Li-Ion (371750) BSL36A18


  • 1,080W High Power Output
  • The MULTI VOLT Lithium-ion battery, paired with MULTI VOLT 36V tools, offers unprecedented cordless power over 1,000 W with its size and weight.
  • The MULTI VOLT battery is designed for full compatibility with the current 18V slide range, and automatically changes between 2 voltages, 36V 2.5Ah and 18V 5.0Ah, according to the tool used.
  • *Compatible with MULTI VOLT 36V tools only.
  • Remaining Battery Indicator - Displays the charging state in four stages.
  • Compact & Lightweight - The MULTI VOLT battery has almost the same size and weight of a 18V battery, and produces the power of a 36V.
  • Not compatible with the existing 36V products that are compatible with BSL3620, BSL3625, BSL3626 or BSL3660.
Voltage & Capacity36V 2.5Ah and 18V 5.0Ah
Cooling SystemYes
Dimensions116 x 69 x 76 mm
Charging TimeApprox. 32 mins (with UC18YSL3)
Compatible ProductsAll existing 18V slide-type tools
MULTI VOLT 36V tools
Compatible ChargersAll chargers compatible with slide-type Lithium-ion batteries

HiKOKI 14.4 - 18V Li-Ion Rapid Cooling Charger with USB Port UC18YSL3(H0Z)


  • Cooling feature helps cool battery during charging or before charging commences to prevent battery overheating ensuring extended battery life
  • Preventative mechanism against charging a hot battery to extend battery life
  • 3 way overcharge protection system to ensure battery is not overcharged
  • Two colour indicator light to indicate what stage of charging the battery is in
Capable of charging14.4V and 18V slide style Li-ion batteries

NR1890DBCL Faming Nailer, DH18DL Rotary Hammer, C18DBAL 165mm Circular Saw, CR18DBL Reciprocating Saw, WH18DBDL2 Impact Driver, P18DSL Planer, RB18DC Blower & Vacuum, 3x Batteries BSL36A18, UC18YSL3 Charger
Brand HiKOKI
Shipping Weight 9.8000kg
Type tools

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