Cordless Inspection Cameras

Inspection Camera

When you need to look into places that can't be seen with the naked eye, such as checking out engines, pipes, drains and sewers and many other applications, an inspection camera is the ideal tool.

The cable that houses the remote camera on its end, is attached to a hand held, rechargeable, battery operated, display unit. These special flexible camera cables can fit into tiny holes, of 17mm (2/3”) or even holes as small as 12.5mm (1/2”), and once they are in position allow the user to see on their display unit what the camera is 'seeing'. The camera often has LEDs to light up the inspection site so that a clearer picture can be obtained.

The camera cable can also be plugged into a phone or laptop by means of a USB plug, to allow for more convenient viewing or just a larger picture. Some camera inspection systems can capture still images, others record video using an SD card, for reporting purposes or later analysis. The tiny remote cameras can even have the ability to zoom or rotate, making absolutely sure you get the picture you need.

Specialised technology is used to ensure the camera makes its way to the required point and captures the necessary images; short camera head to allow for tight turns, flush camera lens to prevent build up and bevelled edges to reduce friction. A pipe guide can also be used for extra manoeuvrability.

The flexible cable can be referred to as an insertion tube, endoscope or fiberscope, although these terms are more common for medical applications.

Other users of inspection cameras include:

  • automotive industries
  • building industry; plumbers, HVAC engineers, electricians, etc.
  • pest control firms
  • locksmiths
  • law enforcement agencies

and many other private and commercial users.

Inspection camera rental or hire is available in the marketplace, however, if you find you need to use this equipment regularly, why not check out our great deals and purchase your own unit? offers a high quality range, including respected names like Milwaukee inspection cameras, that combine digital technology for superior image quality with the user friendly efficiency of a cordless tool.