IRODA SOLDER-PRO100 Handyman 100W Gas Soldering Iron - 4in1

IRODA SOLDERPRO-100  has an all plastic construction. Ideal handyman's soldering iron for those occasional jobs. 20ml gas reservoir for up to 2 hours use. Adjustable temperature from 250-500°C

Soldering iron Tips are shaped from a copper bar ,then coated with protective iron plating

Though the coating is Thick for improved durabilityit hasgood heat conductivity for most efficient themal recovery


  • Butane powered Bold Ergonomic Design
  • Portable multifuntion heat tool
  • Equivalent to a power rangefrom 30-100Watt
  • Cordless/simple/and safe operateunderany conditions anywhere
  • ready to use 15 sec after ignition
  • tank  fuel capacity for 120minutes of opertion
  • No electrical interference
  • Comes with soldering tip and protective cap

Automotive and truck repair
Aviation service and repair
Electrical components
Infield repairs
Insulated solder prefom
Jewelery repair
Loosen rusted nuts and bolts
Maintain Swith panels
Repair television sets, meters Switchboards
Sensitive IC boards
Silver solder
Soften window caulking
Solder circuit boards
TV cable sytems
Weld plastics

Kit Includes

The T 2599 kit comprises of the IRODA T 2598 IRODA Solder Pro-100 Gas Soldering Iron supplied in a handy carry case. Featuring a range of accessories which consists of a Hot Knife Tip(T2617), Heat Blower Tip(T2604), 2.4mm Chisel Tip(T2610), Spare Gas Filter(T2619), 3m Tube of 1mm Solder and a handy Cleaning Sponge.


 Shop with confidence, this item comes with 90day warranty



SKU T2599
Barcode # 742286991015
Brand Iroda
Shipping Weight 0.6200kg
Type Default

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