Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

Sometimes there are jobs that require some heavy lifting that is best done by lifting equipment. While it's true that the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids with nothing but manpower, modern technology has brought us other types of lifting equipment, besides our backs, that won't mean an instant hernia.

There are various types of lifting equipment available on the market today. The type or types that you decide to purchase will hinge on the applications you have in mind for the lifting equipment. For example, if you work on autos, you will probably need a different type of jack than a contractor who builds and renovates houses.

What is Lifting Equipment?

Lifting equipment is any work equipment used for lifting and lowering loads, and includes any accessories used in that process, including attachments to support, fix or anchor the lifting equipment.

Types of Lifting Equipment

We carry several types of lifting equipment, something for all of your needs:

  • Chain Block Lifting Equipment
  • Chain Lever Block Lifting Equipment
  • Garage Jack Lifting Equipment
  • Hydraulic Squat Jack Lifting Equipment
  • Hydraulic Bottle Jack Lifting Equipment

What is a Chain Block?

Simply put, a chain block is a piece of lifting equipment that is used to lift heavy items---heavier than you would want to try and lift yourself. The typical chain block is also called a chain falls and is made up of two grooved wheels with a chain wound around the wheels in much the same manner as a block and tackle. As you pull the chain in a specific direction, it then winds itself onto the wheels. At that point, the end of the chain with a hook attached to it starts to rise and lifts the object. A chain block will enable a single person to install an automobile engine without any assistance.



What is a Bottle Jack?

A bottle jack is a type of lifting equipment. Basically, it is a hydraulic jack placed in a horizontal position. It pushes against a lever, and that lever lifts the main lift arm. Bottle jacks have a longer handle than most other types of hydraulic jacks, making it possible to get more lift per stroke with the increased leverage compared to regular jacks. Mechanics and construction workers building or repairing home foundations frequently use bottle jacks.

You can find whatever lifting equipment you need within these pages!