Macnaught Manual Grease Guns carry a range of Macnaught Grease Guns, Greasing Equipment and Accessories:

  1. 1. Manual grease guns

The Macnaught Flexigun includes a unique variable stroke piston and valve arrangement for easier one handed operation and pressure build. It suits 450g cartridges or can convert to bulk fill from Macnaught transfer grease pumps. Made of zinc for underground and coal mining applications, it has a heavy duty barrel, stepped for easy grip. Filling, bleeding and servicing are simple processes, with no tools required.

The Levergun provides higher pressure and volume delivery of grease, perfect for clearing blocked or damaged grease nipples. This lever action grease dispensing gun is made in durable die cast aluminium and steel, for cartridge loading, bulk filling or with a transfer pump.

Lubemate models are available in lever action or pistol grip versions, with the Lubemate mini pistol grease gun filling the gap where a small grease gun is required.

  1. 2. Air powered greasing

Powered by compressed air, pneumatic models include the Macnaught Maxilube & Minilube air operated grease guns. For convenient application of heavier greases, the air operated power pistol provides an easy-to-use solution.

  1. 3. Transfer grease pumps

The Macnaught Minilube and Superlube models provide portable high pressure manual greasing systems in compact, portable packages. Complete with spring-loaded hand or foot operated pumps, they dispense from the container to the hose and gun. An economical alternative to more expensive air-operated systems, they can be adjusted to deliver at pressures up to 10,000 psi.

  1. 4. Grease nipples and Accessories

Greasing Kit Convenience

Macnaught greasing kits include the Flexigun grease gun, injector needle and flexible high pressure hoses. Couplers and extensions for various connection configurations are included with screw fasteners for easy servicing - no rivets. Positive, 'no leak' connections ensure the grease gets to the bearing, even for hard to reach nipples. Everything is packed in a hard plastic carry case for easy transportation to the point of use.

Macnaught grease guns provide economical and contamination-free greasing from bulk grease supplies or cartridges.

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