Makita Carbon Brushes

Want Makita Carbon Brushes at Discount Prices?

Carbon brushes will keep your power tools running like well oiled machines.

No matter how well any machine or power tools is made, if it uses electrical current abrasion will take place over time, creating friction that can result in poor motor performance or even no performance at all.

What do carbon brushes have to do with this?

It might help - especially if you are a newbie DIY'er or professional who plans to earn your bread working with tools - to provide a brief explanation of what a motor brush does and why these brushes are vitally important to keeping your power tools working at top capacity.


About Carbon Brushes

What exactly are carbon brushes, anyhow?

Here is a concise explanation that should help you understand the role of these necessary parts:

Carbon brushes conduct electrical current between moving parts and the stationary wiring of a motor. Over a period of time and use, these moving parts will cause abrasion and the carbon brushes will need to be replaced.

How do you know when it's time to replace your Makita carbon brushes?

While it's natural for there to be a bit of sparking, if there is excessive sparking from the tool's motor, you probably need to replace the motor brush, or carbon brush as it is most commonly called. Sometimes, the motor may be running sluggishly or not running at all. If this happens, before you chuck your pricey Makita power tool in the trash, check and see if it just needs carbon brushes to restore it to tip top performance.

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