Makita Planers

Makita Planers and Accessories

The Makita planer range includes electric and cordless planers, with specialist types including rebate and concrete planers and biscuit and plate joiners.

Electric Makita Planer models include the 1806B which planes up to 170mm in a single pass with 1,200W power rating. The smaller, easy-to-use Makita KP0800K is built for comfort, cutting depth precision and long life.

The cost of an electric planer is usually related to power and blade width, ie. Efficiency. Makita planers are sold with accessories and fittings such as chip deflectors and fences, or guides, that assist in achieving the best results from these Makita power tools.

Using a Makita Planer

An electric planer is like a hand plane, belt sander and jointer, all combined together and powered. The cutting head spins at high speed to allow the blades to shave wood at a cutting depth that is set by the adjustable sole plate, or shoe.

By setting the planer's gauge, the desired depth of cut can be achieved to shave off the exact amount required.

When pushed slowly and steadily across the work piece at an even pressure, a smooth finish is obtained. This is where the comfort and stability of the power planer's grip becomes important since slips at the end of a stroke cause an uneven finish, or snipe.

Many Makita planer models include guides to assist with precision, though the tool is often used on its own to quickly and easily solve simple jobs rather than setting up a circular saw. Properly used, the planer is an indispensable asset for fitting and finishing jobs.

Used for smoothing and tapering wood, the planer is an essential tool for general contractors for jobs such as:

  • hand planing doors to fit
  • trimming wooden components
  • tapering and shaping wood
  • smoothing and bevelling edges
  • chamfering posts and rails
  • scribing doors and panels
  • smoothing filler boards
  • shaping wood trim
  • levelling floor joists

For all this functionality and more, it's hard to beat a Makita planer. Check out's range of cordless Makita planers, too.

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