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Whether you are an experienced veteran of the building industry or a newbie just about to start his first day on the tools chances are you have heard of Milwaukee power tools. Milwaukee Tools is a premiere brand for professional tradesmen and weekend warrior DIY enthusiasts alike.

Milwaukee Power Tools

We have a huge selection of Milwaukee power tools available online 24/7. If you want the latest in power tools you can find them here including great deals on milwaukee electrical tools like:

  • Die Grinders
  • Drills and Screw Guns
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Rotary Hammer Drills
  • Sanders and Polishers
  • Saws

Milwaukee Cordless Tools

Cordless tools have been a wonderful thing for the industry, offering much more convenience and ease of use as well as greater safety. Milwaukee cordless tools are some of the highest quality tools quality available today at the most affordable prices.

Reliable batteries

Milwaukee Cordless Tools commonly used Li-Ion batteries, state of the art Milwaukee batteries that hold a charge for many hours so that you can keep on working without having to stop and change batteries in your Milwaukee cordless drill while you are midjob. And of course we have Milwaukee chargers available to keep your batteries topped up.

Amazing 5 year warranties

The magority of our Milwaukee Cordless Tools come with a 5 year warranty! It's hard nowadays to find a product with even a 12 month warranty, much less 5 years, so this should furnish you with an idea of how the Milwaukee brand stands behind the quality and durability of its tools!

The Outdoor Power Garden Equipment, Switch Tank Backpack, Heat Gun, Inflator, 1" High Torque Impact Wrench, 1/2" Extended Anvil High Torque Impact Wrench, Framing Nail Gun and M12 Laser Levels all come wiht a 3 Year warranty, while Radios, Speakers and clothing etc still all come with a 1 year warranty. For more sepcific details, please visit the Miwaukee website.

Milwaukee Hand Tools

It would be great if we could do all our jobs by hand, but we can do them all a whole lot faster with the right hand tool. Milwaukee hand tools make life easy and you can rely on them to last for years to come. Check out our enormous range of Milwaukee hand tools including: clamps, hammers, nail pullers, utility knives and more.

Milwaukee Accessories

As if offering some of the best tools on the market wasn’t enough, Milwaukee accessories give you a lot more value for a little more price. Keep warm on the job with Milwaukee heated jackets or organise your tools with one of the many options of Milwaukee tool storage.

Milwaukee Combo Kits

Why buy things one at a time when you can save yourself a lot of money with great Milawukee combo kit deals. You can get all the Milwaukee tools and accessories you need in one fell swoop

There are various types of Milwaukee Kits available including kits with cordless drills and impact drivers, kits with reciprocating saws and work lights, and much more. Most Milwaukee Kits come with a handy carrying bag or case, to make organising your Milwaukee power tools a breeze.

About Milwaukee Tools

Founded way back in 1924, Milwaukee Tools is an internationally acclaimed company within the tools manufacturing industry.Milwaukee tools are known for their durability, user friendly design and cutting edge technology. If you have been using tools for a while, chances are that you have Milwaukee tools in your toolboxes and chests right now. If you're just starting to build a tool collection, you can't go wrong when you buy Milwaukee.

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