Milwaukee Heated Jackets

Milwaukee Heated Jackets Keep Old Man Winter at Bay

Milwaukee heated jackets have been a boon to working people since they first appeared on the market.

Most tradies and many DIYers are acquainted with the misery of working in freezing temperatures. Being cold is no fun! Besides that, shivering and being cold can help contribute to workplace accidents.

Milwaukee heated jackets help you stay safe on the job while providing a toasty warmth that will keep you feeling like staying on the job no matter how far the temperatures drop.

If you are unfamiliar with Milwaukee heated jackets, you might be glad to get a little more info about them.

About Milwaukee Heated Jackets

Check out some of the great features you will find in Milwaukee heated jackets:

  • Superior run time: 1.5Ah REDLITHIUM battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous heat
  • Water and wind resistant
  • 3 sewn in carbon fibre heating zones distribute heat to core body areas
  • 3 Heat settings plus warm-up feature
  • Easy touch heat controller
  • Convenient battery holder pocket on backside of jacket
  • Features expandable battery pocket to accept 3.0Ah REDLITHIUM Â pack for increased run-time
  • 2 roomy hand warmer side pockets
  • Adjustable heat settings of preheat, low, medium and high
  • Chest pocket for your cell phone or MP3 player

Did you know that staying warm in very cold temperatures has physiological benefits?

It's true. When you are warm, your muscles are able to work more easily and you can move more quickly and actually expend more energy than when your body is cold. So, besides the undeniable benefit of your comfort---being warm while working is beneficial to your ability to do the job right.

Types of Milwaukee Heated Jackets

There are several types of Milwaukee heated jackets, including safety jackets that are needed when working on roadways or areas with low visibility. All Milwaukee heated jackets are wind and water resistant.

Here are some of the different colors and types of Milwaukee heated jackets available:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Camo
  • High Visibility Yellow
  • High Visibility Orange

The Milwaukee heated jackets in camo would be a godsend to hunters and could be worn on the job when not hunting.

If you dread the bitter cold temps of winter, check out Milwaukee heated jackets or to view our Milwaukee Tools today!