Milwaukee Rotary Hammer Drills

Milwaukee Rotary Hammer Drills: Taking on the Tough Jobs

Milwaukee rotary hammer drills are powerhouses that will make quick work of those tough jobs.

If you want a rotary hammer drill that is designed and manufactured to the highest industry you can count on to deliver powerful performance job after job....check out Milwaukee rotary hammer drills.

Like all the other fine products from this internationally acclaimed brand that has been producing premium tools for more than 85 years, Milwaukee rotary hammer drills can be depended upon to provide you with long lasting service.

If you are just beginning to think about purchasing a rotary hammer drill, you might be appreciative of a little info about these great tools and what you do with them.


About Milwaukee Rotary Hammer Drills

Milwaukee rotary hammer drills will take on the biggest, toughest demolition jobs and make short work of them.

Do you have masonry or stone walls that need to be knocked down, roadways that need to be broken up, block foundations that need to be done away with or any structures that could use weakening before coming at them with a wrecking ball?

If so, one of the Milwaukee rotary hammer drills might just be your new best friends!

Milwaukee rotary hammer drills employ a special type of piston rather than a clutch, which enables them to deliver a much more forceful hammer blow. Milwaukee rotary hammer drills will pound the drill bit in and then out while spinning. This greatly increases the power of the drill.

There are several types of Milwaukee rotary hammer drills available. The one you buy will depend upon the application and whether you prefer cordless tools or electric power tools.


Types of Milwaukee Rotary Hammer Drills

There are a variety of Milwaukee rotary hammer drills in both cordless tools and electric power tools.

You can get Milwaukee rotary hammer drills ranging from 12v all the way up to 28v for more power. These rotary hammer drills are also available in the revolutionary, patented FUEL line of cordless tools.

There is a wide selection of Milwaukee rotary hammer drills in the electric power tools line, too, so you are bound to find exactly the right one to suit your needs.

Tackle those heavy demolition jobs and more with Milwaukee rotary hammer drills!