Air Jack Hammers

Do you have a job in the forecast that calls for the brute force and heavy duty power of a jackhammer? If so, you might want to give some serious consideration to pneumatic jack hammers.

What Jobs can Jack Hammers Tackle?

Big jobs! For example, if you need to break up old paving or concrete as part of a demolition or renovation process, a jack hammer would tackle that sort of job with ease.

All About Jack Hammers

The jackhammer was invented by Charles Brady King. It is a pneumatic tool that combines a hammer with a chisel. It is operated by driving an internal hammer in an up and down motion. The hammer is initially driven down to strike the back of the bit and then back up again as the hammer is returned to the original position and the cycle is repeated. The bit usually bounces back from the stroke by the use of a spring.The effectiveness of the jackhammer basically depends on how much force is applied to it. has high quality pneumatic jack hammers at low prices!

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