Pressure Cleaners

A high pressure cleaner is also called a water pressure washer or power washer and is sometimes referred to by the brand names 'Gerni' or 'Husqvarna'.

Pressure Cleaners are high powered pieces of equipment useful for any household or business. stock major pressure cleaner brands, including Bar, HiKOKI, Husqvarna, Kincrome, Makita and Spitwater.

Using highly pressured water, electric pressure washers are extremely efficient at removing dirt and grime, from simple dirt and dust removal to the trickier tasks of removing mud, plaster, and concrete off those horrific scaffolding walk boards. They can be used to clean off loose paint, mould and even chewing gum from hard surfaces to which they are clinging.

The principle of operation is simple - a pump creates pressure that forces water through a nozzle attached to a trigger valve, releasing it at high velocity when needed. classifies its pressure cleaners by water pump type i.e. electric, diesel and petrol high pressure cleaners. You can also browse models that allow specifically for hot water pressure cleaning, as well as those which work for hot and cold operation.

All units require a good pressure washer gun water supply to ensure continuity of use and detergent may be added to the water stream to assist the cleaning process.

Although it is only water, its use at high pressure can be very damaging to people and materials, so good care needs to be taken with the operation of a pressure cleaner. Look for a unit with safety features such as easy on/off control and water pressure adjustment. don't just supply high pressure water gun cleaners to the Sunshine Coast - we ship countrywide - including sending pressure cleaners to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Townsville, and the Gold Coast. We back all our products with countrywide warranties.

We also stock an extensive range of nozzles and accessories for pressure cleaners to suit specific applications. If you are looking for filters, valves or hose extensions, has what you need.

So look through our range of pressure cleaners and make those surfaces shine!