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Pressure Pumps Have Big Jobs to Do!

Pressure pumps have big jobs to do, so you want yours to be well built, heavy duty and tough enough to keep on pumping!

We depend on pressure pumps in many areas of day to day life. For example, pressure pumps have many uses in the home, as well as the workplace or job site. Regardless of whether you need pressure pumps, parts or accessories for home use or professional applications, you should be leery of being tempted by cheap prices to buy generic, no-name pumps as they are liable to malfunction, if they ever work right at all.

There are several types of pressure pumps on the market today, but the fact is that these machines have been around for a long time. Since back in the days of Ancient Greece and the Romans, in fact!


About Pressure Pumps

Way back during the days of the Romans and ancient Greeks, people in cities depended on aqueducts to supply them with running water. (Yes! They had running water! Who knew?) The problem then, as now, was getting the water from the aqueducts - supplied by mountain streams and lakes - down into the cities into fountains for housewives to collect in clay jugs. Roman Centurions were often placed on guard to make sure the water wasn't contaminated.

Gravity will do a lot, but its power to move water or other fluids is limited. This is where pressure pumps come in.

Although these ancients had no pressure pumps 2500 hundred or so years ago, they did understand that force was needed to move the water, hence its being sent in clay pipes down from the aqueducts up high. The higher the source, the greater the pressure.

Later on in 1643, the French inventor Blaise Pascal came to the conclusion that air has weight and also that the force of air is applied in all directions, not only downward with gravity. He then clarified what we now call "pressure" and defined it as a specific force applied to an area. A pound of force, for example, applied to a square inch of area. Thus, we have pounds per square inch or PSI.

So, pressure pumps have evolved and developed to perform one specific function: move water or another fluid with force, under pressure.

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