There are many different sorts of pumps in use today and each one has a special application. When you are shopping for pumps, your buying decision will depend on the type of application you will have that requires a pump.

What Are the Types of Pumps?

As mentioned above, there are all kinds of pumps available on the market. Within these pages you will find specific varieties of pumps and pump accessories, including:

We will take a look at the most commonly used types of pumps.

Bore Hole Pumps

Bore hole pumps might mean something different depending on the industry and application it is being used in. A borehole is simply a hole that has been drilled into the ground. This is not necessarily a vertically drilled hole, but might be directional drilling. When we think of bore hole pumps, the underlying, basic principle behind it is to extract liquid. That being said, bore hole pumps are not limited to that application. One of the most common uses of bore hole pumps is the extraction of water. The oil and gasoline industries use bore hole pumps that are considerably more technically sophisticated than a garden variety type used in extracting water.


Fire Fighting Pumps

Fire fighting pumps are obviously extremely important. These special pumps need to be rugged, powerful, durable and reliable. The fire fighter pumps you will find here are from the top brands in the industry, made to perform up to the most stringent standards of excellence. The last thing you need in the event of a fire is a shoddy, poorly made fire fighter pump!

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are a necessity if you maintain a swimming pool, either commercially such as at a hotel or resort; or strictly for your enjoyment at home. Pool pumps keep the water moving through the filters so that it does not become dirty and stagnant. You will find a nice selection of high quality pool pumps on our website, along with sand filters.

Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump has its motor hermetically sealed within a watertight chamber. As a rule, submersible pumps are more efficient than jet pumps. Jet pumps push liquid to the surface while submersible pumps pull liquid to the surface.

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