Sidchrome Tools

Sidchrome spanners and sockets

In almost every Australian toolbag or workshop, you are sure to find one or more Sidchrome tools!

The brand is iconic in the Southern Hemisphere and has been the preferred choice in tools since 1942. The brand has earned a solid reputation, globally, for excellence and superior quality in tools which extends to their tool sets and kits.

This is for good reason. The research and development invested into their tool design and manufacture means that they have superior properties and advantages. Sidchrome’s spanners and sockets sets are of superior quality and made to last. The rest of their range of supporting tools are designed to a similarly high standard.


Sidchrome Socket Sets

Sidchrome Socket Sets, in all sizes and ranges, include all you need for your application in a convenient carry case. Catering for every skill level, there are fraction inch, metric and AF sizes. Sidchrome socket sets also come in short or deep sizes, for use in situations with different accessibility. There is a set suitable for every budget and all sets are backed by a Real Tool Count Guarantee.

Sidchrome Tool Boxes

Choose Sidchrome tool boxes for storage convenience and professionalism. With drawers to hold everything you need, mobile or static boxes accommodate all tools easily. Portable cantilever tool boxes open out to give great display and ease of access. Check out the value range of fully stocked Sidchrome tool boxes with roller cabinets in red, black and orange, or limited edition purple, green and white!

Sidchrome Tool Chest

All Sidchrome tool chests use black formed foam linings to keep the tools in place. This craftsman foam tool organizer allows for easy storage and protection, but also fast location of the correct tool. As with all 5S foam systems, having this specific storage space for each tool makes it easier to do a quick, visual check and make sure everything that is needed is present, with nothing left behind.

Sidchrome Tool Kits

Sidchrome tool kits are modular, allowing them to build into a highly optimized, workable selection that can fill the most common needs. They come in various sizes, such as 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/8” and more. The majority cater for metric sizes, though A/F is also fully covered.

Sidchrome Spanner Set

Sidchrome combination spanner sets include ring and open end spanners, ratcheting and drive socket and spanner sets, flare nut and flat ring spanners and geared spanner sets. The range includes AF and metric spanner sets, as well as stubby length tools for use where size matters. With anywhere from 4, 14 or 24 pieces right up to our large 440 spanner set, Sidchrome caters for every requirement, the most popular being the 14 piece spanner set.

Starting from 12 , 14, 24 right up our large 440 spanner set

The AntiSlip Superiority of Sidchrome Spanners & Socket Sets

If you are in the market for socket sets, you might be well advised to consider buying the trusted Sidchrome brand. Sidchrome is a very popular brand and its socket sets are in much demand due to their quality and anti slip nature.

There is a wide assortment of Sidchrome Socket Sets and Sidchrome Spanner Sets to choose from at Get Tools Direct, so before selecting one to purchase, it pays to take a look at the various sets and determine which will suit your needs and do the jobs you need to do.

For example, all Sidchrome Socket Sets are not created equal. There are various sizes of spanners and sockets such as 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/8” and more. Some sets are metric, some aren't, although the majority of socket sets are metric.

Sidchrome Accessories

If you are looking for other Sidchrome accessories and parts we carry a range of their sturdy heavy duty Sidchrome tool boxes, combination tool kits, tool chests, socket sets and spanner sets.

Sidchrome Socket Sets are well known for being durable and extremely well made to provide you with a lifetime of faithful service if properly cared for and maintained. Sidchrome Socket Sets have an exclusive, patented AntiSlip design only found on this brand of tools.

Shop Sidchrome Socket Sets and spanners today at Get Tools Direct and get premium tools that were made to last!