Toledo Tools

The Toledo Tools Range

The registered brand of tools from Tridon Australia Pty Ltd., Toledo tools, has become trusted by professionals. After 65 years in the quality hand tools industry, the Toledo name has become synonymous with quality and innovative products.

Toledo's product range has grown and now, with more than 3,200 products in its vast range, Toledo focuses on facilitation, speed and safety, not just in Sydney Australia, but with customers worldwide.

Toledo are perhaps best known for measuring and precision equipment, including Toledo scales, gauges, callipers, measuring tapes and wheels, micrometers, squares and rules. You will see that most Australian precision engineers prefer to use a Toledo ruler!

Toledo lubrication service tools include bearing packers, grease guns, pressure sprayers, pumps, drums, funnels and containers. GTD also carry associated accessories for lubrication service tools.

The mechanical service section includes tools for engine, brake, clutch and transmission services, steering and suspension, air conditioning and cooling systems as well as everything you need for vehicle lubrication.

Electrical service tools include tools for voltage testing, circuit testing and terminals, batteries and alternators, spark plugs, ignition servicing, soldering and electrical service pliers.

Toledo cutting and shaping tools include files, rasps, knives, scissors, scrapers and shaping tools. Panel and trim tools included hammers, dollies and shaping tools as well as panel, trim and windscreen equipment. Toledo also makes a great range of podger spanners and slogger hammers.

Toledo stock every type of pliers you could possibly need: circlip, crimping, cutting, stripping, fencing, lock grip and lock ring pliers, as well as other specialist pliers and fixing tools. For pulling and extracting, Toledo makes all types of pullers, extractors, supports and separators.

Simply put, years ago Toledo’s famous claim of “excellence by design” still stands and still makes Toledo tools the leading name in quality hand tools available today.

Toledo is simply the best choice for quality Australian workshop tools. Call Get Tools Direct to order your Toledo Tools today.