In the Market for Welding Equipment?

If you are in the market for welding supplies, you have come to the right place! Tools.com carries a complete line of welders and welding supplies at low prices. We have such welding items as:

About Welding

With a complete range of welding supplies and associated equipment, Tools.com has everything for on site welding, soldering and cutting processes


Unimig, Trademaster and BossWeld are the big brand names featured in the range of welders and cutters carried by Tools.com for the following welding types:

1) Arc Multi-Function Welders
Arc, or Stick Welding as it is sometimes called, is considered to be the welding method of choice in many outdoor applications because rain or wind won't affect the process. Also, it does not rely on the work pieces being extra clean.

2) Mig Multi-Function Welders
Mig welding is widely considered to be the best for fabrication of steel due to its speed and the fact that tack welds can be done with only one hand.

3) Plasma Cutter
Using a jet of hot plasma, electrically conductive materials can be cut, including stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminium.

4) Tig Multifunction-Function Welders
Tig is basically the most versatile of the processes since it can be used with such a wide variety of metals: stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminium, magnesium, titanium, cobalt, and copper alloys. Tig can, however, be a slow process.

Welding Accessories

These include welding gloves, leads and regulators - everything a welder needs can be found here and ordered with a click.

Welding Helmets

With several choices of style and colour, our range of BossSafe and Unimig welding helmets is totally safety certified and includes auto-darkening options and respirators.

Welding Wire

Rods, wire and electrodes are essential welding supplies that can be easily ordered online for fast, convenient delivery.

Gas Cutting Equipment

We sell complete kits for oxy-acetylene and oxy-LPG (propane) cutting, including hoses and all the attachments, tips, nozzles and regulators, as well as welding goggles.

Soldering & Soldering Accessories

Our great range of soldering tools and equipment includes soldering irons from Weller and other top soldering brand names.

Tools.com has all of the welding supplies and equipment you need at low prices, so start shopping and saving now!