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The Physics of Glass Cutters

If a clean cut is to be achieved, in new or old glass, a glass cutter tool is an essential piece of equipment. When cut using conventional methods, a piced of glass will shatter in all different directions due to the disordered state of its molecules.

A glass cutter tool scores the glass surface with a diamond tipped steel wheel, causing an organised stress line to form in the material, along which it is more likely for the piece of glass to break. Diamond cutting disks are used to make the score mark for glass cutting, which is usually has a V shaped profile. Use the glass cutter with oil or water to cool the cutting site and help dissipate any heat that arises from friction produced by the operation.

Makita Glass Cutters carry the Makita range of glass cutters; power tools that can cut quickly and accurately, with the capability of making straight cuts in pieces of glass of all thicknesses, or bevel cutting up to 45 degrees.


Using diamond cutting wheels, Makita glass cutters are lightweight and compact for mobile operation with rubberised soft grips and an ergonomic non-slip design for steady handling. A water tank feeds the cooling water easily to the cutting site and the tool's base is nickel plated for prevention of rust from the wet cutting action.

Used for windows, mirrors, tiles and any glass or brittle work piece, a Makita diamond glass cutter machine is a great asset to your tool collection when working with these materials.

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