Makita Brush Cutters

Easy Gardening with Makita Brush Cutters have everything from lightweight Makita Line Trimmers to heavy-duty Petrol Brush Cutters for sale, to tame the most unruly gardens.

Make sure you have the best garden on the block by using our amazing trimmers that make your place look like a million bucks! No matter the task, our Makita brush cutter blades will get the job done.

Our 4 Stroke Line Trimmer, with curved shaft design, allows you a clear view of what you are working on. For something that can handle forestry and construction site areas, check out the 4 Stroke Brush Cutter for the job.

Complete Range of Garden Cutting Equipment can supply all Makita favourites for tackling the garden: brush cutters, line cutters, cultivators, pole saws and hedge trimmers.

Various features allow you to select the right power cutter for your specific job. These tools include multi function power heads, multi position and split shafts, as well as backpack options for larger projects.

In cordless Li-ion options, some units make use of brushless motors. Petrol versions include standard 2 stroke or 4 stroke brush cutter engines.

Each tool comes with its own list of specifications and a step-by-step guide on how to use it, allowing you to complete all your DIY projects with ease. To see tool features and product specifications, simply click on any of the images for more information.

Makita garden & outdoor equipment can tame evenly the most unruly garden or outdoor project. We have your back covered when it comes to brush cutters to keep things nice and tidy.

Treat yourself to the time and money saving convenience of being able to shop for tools online 24/7 and receive speedy delivery directly to your door.

Order brush cutters online today from to be armed and ready for the season.