Instructions for use:

1. Remove the lid of the Battery Box.

2. Place the battery in the battery box.

3. Attach the clamps from the battery box lid to the corresponding
positive and negative terminals on the battery. Fasten the bolts firmly,
ensuring they will not become loose.

Make sure you connect the correct cable with the battery, do
not reverse!
Red cable connects to the POSITIVE (+) post, Black cable
connects to the NEGATIVE (-) post, otherwise it will damage
the inverter fuse and may void the warranty.
It may cause a spark when connecting the cable

4. Place lid onto the battery box, making sure that it is evenly and
completely shut.

5. With the lid on and the terminals connected, switch the battery to ON
using the ON/OFF switch and test the voltage with the voltmeter.

6. If the voltmeter lights up and displays the battery’s voltage, you can
now secure the lid.

7. Turn on the LED light switch and check to see if LED light is on or

8. To secure the lid, thread the strap around the box and through the
two plastic buckles. Fasten and secure on top of the unit.
9. You are now free to plug in your devices to power them with your

Brand Power Accessories
Type Automotive Electrical

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