Power AGM Motorcycle Series Battery with Deepcore Technology

The Power AGM motorcycle Battery series suits most motorbikes, jet skis and ATVs. Equipped with AGM technology Power AGM batteries deliver superior starting power, exceptional vibration resistance and balanced amp hours making them ideal for use in any power sport: road, trail or on the water.

  • Maintenance Free
  • Spill Proof
  • Absorbed Glass Mat for For Increased Vibration Resistance and Service Life
  • Superior Starting Power and Accessory Capability
  • 1 Year Australia Wide Manufacturer Warranty


Weight: 1.5 kg

Dimensions: 113 × 70 × 85 mm



Model: Power AGM Motorcycle Battery

Part Number: NPC-YTX5L-BS

Battery Type: Power AGM Motorcycle

Voltage: 12 volts

CCA (cold cranking amps): 150

AH (20 hr): 6



Length: 113mm

Width: 70mm

Height: 105mm

Terminal Height: 105mm

Height with Spacer: N/A

Terminal Type: A

Terminal Assembly:

Weight: 2.1 Kg

Regular Charge: 0.6 Amps

Max Charge: 1.8 Amps

Separator Type: Absorbed Glass Mat

Usage: Starting

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Years



WR450F 2012
WR450F 2013
WR450F 2014
WR450F 2015
WR450F 2016
WR450F 2017
WR450F 2018
WR450F 2019
WR450F 2011
WR450F 2010
WR450F 2003
WR450F 2004
WR450F 2005
WR450F 2006
WR450F 2007
WR450F 2008
WR450F 2009

CRF150F 2006-2017
CRF230F/L 2003-2019
CRF230L/M 2008-2013
CRF250X/L 2004-2018
CRF450X 2005-2017

FE250 2014-2017
FE350 2014-2017
FE450 2014-2017
FE501 2014-2017
310TC/TXC/TE/SMR 2010
450TC/TXC/TE/SMR 2010
510TC/TXC/TE/SMR 2010
TE250 2002-2017
TE300 2014-2017
TE449 2011
511TE/TXC 2011
TXC250 2008-2012

TXC250 2008-2012

200XC-W 2014
450SMR 2009-2012
400EXC 2000-2002
520EXC 2000-2002
450EXC 2005-2013
250EXC 2005-2010
400EXC 2005-2011
530EXC 2008-2012
250EXC-F/XC-W/XCF-W 2011-2012
250EXF 2005-2010
350 FREERIDE 2013
450SX-F/XC-F/XC-W 2008-2010
300XC/XC-W 2014
350 XC-F 2011-2012
400XC-W 2009-2010
530XC-W 2009-2012

DRZ250 2001-2007

TTR230E 2006-2017
WR250F 2003-2007
WR250F/X/R 2008-2018
WR450F 2003-2018
YZ250FX 2015-2018
YZ450FX 2016-2018

Warranty Terms

The following conditions constitute abusive applications and will void the warranty:

1. Extreme Vibration applications (i.e., vibrating compactors, concrete cutters)
2. Dropping or hitting the battery
3. Overcharging battery via faulty regulator or dual battery setup not using the approved management system
4. Using Starter battery for deep cycle applications (Car Audio Systems, Trolling Motors, refrigerators)
5: Undercharging or over-discharging a battery.

The following examples may void your battery warranty
Case and cover damage:
Cracks or holes in case/cover
Missing label
Bent cover
Shaved or cut cover/case
Warped or bubbled cover

Terminal damage:
Melted, bent or broken terminals
Shaved or cut terminals
Sunken or raised terminals


Damaged Batteries.

Customers maintain the right to inspect and refuse delivery of their battery if they suspect it is damaged.

Please note that by signing for your battery delivery, you have confirmed it has arrived in good order and condition.

If the battery delivery has been left without a signature, please contact us within 2 business to lodge a return or refund request.

Model # NPC-YTX5L-BS
Brand Power AGM
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Assembled Length 0.070m
Assembled Height 0.105m
Assembled Width 0.113m
Type Marine Accessories
Voltage 12
Amp Hours 6
Package Quantity 1
package contains 1x AGM Battery
Dimensions 113L x 70W x 105H mm
Warranty 1 Year
type AGM

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