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In excess of 7000 sold !!

When comparing these batteries with other AGM batteries ALWAYS CHECK THE WEIGHT, a true 135ah / 143ah (depending on what hr rating reference) AGM SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERY MUST WEIGH AT LEAST between 32-34kg approximately. Any less than this and either the case is of lighter construction (and therefore more susceptible to temperature and vibration) or the plates smaller (and therefore the ah is less). You cannot have it both ways (a lighter battery than 32-34kg and 135ah) if it is advertised as a 143ah / 135ah battery. The battery we offer here weighs around 32-34kg approximately.

As we sell dozens of these each week and shipments are consistently arriving, you can be assured that you are always receiving fresh stock

Always improving their batteries Power AGM are at the forefront of battery technology, only trusted well-known brands will keep reinvesting in their products to bring you the end-user the best batteries on the market. Due to this ongoing reinvestment, these batteries have been UPGRADED TO 143 amp hours on a 20hr cycle / 135 amp hours on a 10hr cycle meaning these can be USED FOR BACK UP EMERGENCY STARTING as well as in A DEEP CYCLE AUXILIARY battery situation for fridges lights etc (check the detailed specifications we have provided in the description).

NOTE: This battery is NOT suitable for under bonnet installations or mounted in areas with similar high temperatures, in that application you need a battery with an FR (Fire Rated) case, those batteries are Dual Purpose as they also have a high CCA rating.

The latest technology has gone into this battery and has been developed and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of Australian conditions with extra heavy-duty construction for vibration in 4wd's caravans and camper trailers. These rechargeable batteries are lead-lead dioxide systems. The dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is absorbed by separators and thus immobilized. Should the battery be accidentally overcharged producing hydrogen and oxygen, Special one-way valves allow the gases to escape thus avoiding excessive pressure build-up. Otherwise, the battery is completely sealed and is, therefore, maintenance-free, leak proof, and usable in any position. AGM Deep Cycle Batteries is the ideal renewable power storage designed especially for frequent cycling ( charging and discharging ) in mind.  AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are the ideal battery for running portable fridges, light kits, inverters, and many more 12V appliances in 4x4's, caravans, camper trailers boats or campsites. Can be recharged with a suitable 240-volt mains charger, solar panel or vehicle dc to dc charger

12v 143Ah / 135Ah Power AGM 


  • Maintenance-Free, Non-Spillable - Proven VRLA technology guarantees safe operation without maintenance and G�nonrestricted articleG�� ( road use ) status for transportation.
  • Handle - Detachable rope carry handles.
  • Low Self-Discharge - Lead-calcium alloy grids and use of high purity lead account for superior shelf-life characteristics permitting storage for extended periods of time.
  • Designed-In Reliability - Cutting-edge manufacturing and process control combined with meticulous quality assurance procedures guarantee consistent and dependable performance.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat(AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding.
  • Not restricted for air transport-comp lies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67.
  • UL-recognized component.
  • It can be mounted in any orientation.
  • Computer designed lead, calcium tin alloy grid for high power density.
  • Long service life, float or cyclic applications.
  • Maintenance-free operation.
  • Low self discharge.


  • LENGTH 330 mm
  • WIDTH  175 mm
  • HEIGHT  215 mm
  • Height at terminals: 220mm ( PLUS THE BOLT THAT SCREWS IN )


  • Nominal Voltage = 12 volts (6 cells)
  • Nominal Capacity = 
  • 20-hr. (6.00A to 10.80 volts) 143.0 AH
  • 10-hr. (10.3A to 10.80 volts)  135.0 AH
  • 5-hr. (12.4A to 10.50 volts) 127.0 AH
  • 1-hr. (61.8A to 9.60 volts) 67.1 AH
  • Approximate Weight = 34 kg
  • Operating Temperature Range
  • Charge  -4-�F (-20-�C) to 122-�F (50-�C)
  • Discharge = -40-�F (-40-�C) to 140-�F (60-�C)
  • Case = ABS Plastic

We have sold and use these batteries in our workshop for quite a while now, in automotive, residential, marine and rugged 4x4 / camper trailer applications. We know batteries and value for money we believe these to be excellent.



Warranty Terms

The following conditions constitute abusive applications and will void the warranty:

1. Extreme Vibration applications (i.e., vibrating compactors, concrete cutters)
2. Dropping or hitting the battery
3. Overcharging battery via faulty regulator or dual battery setup not using the approved management system
4. Using Starter battery for deep cycle applications (Car Audio Systems, Trolling Motors, refrigerators)
5: Undercharging or over-discharging a battery.

The following examples may void your battery warranty
Case and cover damage:
Cracks or holes in case/cover
Missing label
Bent cover
Shaved or cut cover/case
Warped or bubbled cover

Terminal damage:
Melted, bent or broken terminals
Shaved or cut terminals
Sunken or raised terminals


Damaged Batteries.

Customers maintain the right to inspect and refuse delivery of their battery if they suspect it is damaged.

Please note that by signing for your battery delivery, you have confirmed it has arrived in good order and condition.

If the battery delivery has been left without a signature, please contact us within 2 business to lodge a return or refund request.


SKU NPC135-12
Model # NPC135-12
Brand Power AGM
Shipping Weight 34.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.175m
Shipping Height 0.220m
Shipping Length 0.330m
Shipping Cubic 0.012705000m3
Unit Of Measure ea
Type AGM
Voltage 12
Amp Hours 135
Package Quantity 1
Brand Power AGM
package contains 1x AGM Battery
Warranty 3 Years
type AGM
Dimensions 330L x 175W x 220H mm
MPN NPC135-12

Great service

By: on 14 November 2022
Order 3 of the batteries on Monday turned up at home in NQ on Wednesday Unbelievable That’s what I call service I was expecting a week or two Put in golf buggy let’s see how they preform Great start Thankyou

3 Year review ALL GOOD

By: on 28 July 2021
Just over 3 years the batteries have been in service set of 4 setup as 48 volt system for mains power inverter. The inverter only runs a light load and gets used every night for computers, modem & switch recharged each day with solar. Approx. every 6 months or so they are disconnected from the load for 1 or 2 days and set to an equalization & desulfation, The batteries are never taken below approx. 60% The solar controller is set to the battery specifcations. I highly recommend the batteries, if you take care of them they will have long service life. My simple tests allowing battery to sit for some hours after charge checking the internal resistance and that they are holding voltage underload, ((the internal resistance is just above new specs.

Great Service

By: on 1 June 2021
I ordered the battery online on Sunday. It arrived Tuesday arvo in Newcastle. You cant get much better than that. Stay tuned for the product review later on.

Great product & delivery

23 February 2021
I recently ordered a second of these after my first has been performing so well for the past 3 plus years (i.e. a partial discharge test has confirmed it is still on specification for full Ah capacity). The delivery happened the day after I ordered it, to my residential address and, was preceded by a phonecall from Power Crank Battery (who seem to be the delivery/dispatch organizers in Perth) to confirm that I would be in residence. Full marks.

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