Free Toolguard 6 Month Theft Protection Automatically Included

Covers you for theft of products listed on the policy from

  • Locked vehicles or premises
  • Equipment securely attached to a vehicle with locks or padlocks

Please note that terms and conditions apply to theft claims, including an excess fee of 10% of the retail value of the product or $150, whichever is lower.

If you ever need to make a claim, our team is on the job to get things sorted and have you back in business fast.

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Longer Cycle Life
LifeP04 batteries have a 5 time better cycle life than a SLA battery on cycle life

High Power & Light weight
LiFePO4 batteries performance twice power of SLA batteries, while half weight helpful for transport and installation

Intelligent management control
Intelligent BMS system covered by LFP batteries to ensure that batteries work on safety and perfect condition

Lower Self-discharge rate
Lower Self-discharge rate to guarantee LFP batteries be stored more longer than SLA batteries



●Caravan, RV, camping

●UPS (replacement of SLA batteries)

●Marine, golf cart

● Solar, wind sysytem

● PV ,solar light 

Warranty Terms

The following conditions constitute abusive applications and will void the warranty:

1. Extreme Vibration applications (i.e., vibrating compactors, concrete cutters)
2. Dropping or hitting the battery
3. Overcharging battery via faulty regulator or dual battery setup not using the approved management system
4. Using Starter battery for deep cycle applications (Car Audio Systems, Trolling Motors, refrigerators)
5: Undercharging or over-discharging a battery.

The following examples may void your battery warranty
Case and cover damage:
Cracks or holes in case/cover
Missing label
Bent cover
Shaved or cut cover/case
Warped or bubbled cover

Terminal damage:
Melted, bent or broken terminals
Shaved or cut terminals
Sunken or raised terminals


Damaged Batteries.

Customers maintain the right to inspect and refuse delivery of their battery if they suspect it is damaged.

Please note that by signing for your battery delivery, you have confirmed it has arrived in good order and condition.

If the battery delivery has been left without a signature, please contact us within 2 business to lodge a return or refund request.

Model # LFP24V135AH
Brand Power Lithium
Shipping Weight 32.5000kg
Type Lithium Ion Battery

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