Who can work in the dark without effective L E D work lights and lighting? Any workman lights, whether L E D or halogen, can save the day in many job site and work related situations, as well as around the house and property during DIY projects.

It is important to buy good quality work lights that will be dependable and won't let you down by leaving you - literally - in the dark. has a great selection of rechargeable work lights from famous brands known for superior performance and quality such as Kincrome, Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, Geiger and Metabo.

Our range includes 240V and 18V Battery Site Lights, 18V and 10.8V L E D work lights, inspection lamps, spotlights and flashlights. There are also fluorescent lanterns and beacons available as well as penlights and pocket lights, even stick lights and flexible L E D work lights.

Whether you require floor or area lighting, or to light a specific area, eg. a utility bucket or underhood lighting, GTD has the l e d work lights for you. Make sure your work lights are portable and preferably cordless, for ease of movement. Don't forget to order your work lights on a tripod, with magnetic casings or mounting hooks, if fixing is necessary. For hard-to-reach places, consider a long arm pivoting light or even one of our great value remote workman lights.

You can save big bucks on the l e d work lights you need, along with thousands of other high quality products, at