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Unimig Razorweld 175 Amp MIG / MMA Welder KUMJRRW175MIG

Razorweld Series 175 MIG/MMA is an inverter-based portable MIG welding machine with added MMA function. The MIG function allows you to weld with both Gas Shielded and Gasless wire applications. Easy step-less adjustment of voltage and wire feed make for easy setting of welding parameters giving excellent, professional welding results. Wire Inch gives easy feeding of the wire during set up without gas wastage and the Burn Back adjustment leaves the wire stick out ready for the next weld. MMA welding capability delivers easy electrode welding with high quality results, including cast Iron, stainless and low hydrogen. An additional feature is the Spool gun ready function for the use of thin or softer wires that don't have the column strength to feed through standard MIG torches, such as aluminium wire. This is an industrial quality machine that is both lightweight and portable and an optional trolley with cylinder rack provides off the floor operation and better manoeuvrability around the workshop. Being 240v single phase gives great versatility. Ideal for general engineers, maintenance workshop, rural workshop, panel beaters, home workshop. Designed and built to our specification.


  • New 40 KHz IGBT inverter technology
  • MIG/MAG with Gas and Gasless wire function
  • Adjustable Burn Back
  • Wire Inch
  • MMA function (Stick electrode)
  • VRD (Stick Mode Only)
  • Hot start (improves electrode starting)
  • Auto Arc force (prevents electrode extinguishing)
  • Euro style MiG torch connection
  • Tolerant to variable power supply
  • Spool Gun Connection
Primary Input Voltage 240V 1 Phase
Rated Input Power KVA 6.7 KVA
ieff AMPS 140 MIG / 14.8 MMA
Rated Output MIG 30 A/15.5 V - 175 A/22.8 V
Rated Output MMA 10 A/20.4 V - 160 A/26.4 V
Welding Current Range 30 - 175 Amps
Duty Cycle 40 Deg C - MIG 25% @ 175 Amps MIG
Duty Cycle 40 Deg C - MMA 25% @ 160 Amps MMA
35% @ 140 Amps
Dimensions 470 x 190 x 380 mm
Weight 12.5 kg


Unimig CHAOS Welding Helmet UM-H-CHAOS


  • The CHAOS Automatic Welding Helmet provides protection to your face and eyes from spatter and UV/IR radiation.
  • Fitted with 4 arc sensors, the CHAOS Welding Helmet features 9-13 Shade control as well as GRIND mode for use when grinding.
  • A 100 x 60 mm view allows for large view of the work area, while a replaceable backup battery improves performance of the auto darkening filter.
  • The CHAOS Welding Helmet comes with TRUE COLOUR VIEW lens technology to ensure you always get a clear and natural view of your surroundings and work piece.
View Size 100 x 60 mm
Shade Control 9-13
Arc Sensors 4


Unimig BZL 25 Style MIG Torch Consumable Starter Kit UMSK25


  • Packaged in a sturdy carry case, consumable starter kits are now available to from UNIMIG
  • This kit is the perfect companion to be bundled alongside machines, which the kit containing all the essential consumables for a BZL 25 Style MIG Torch.
  • Includes:
    • 1 x MIG Pliers (UMMP)
    • 2 x Conical Nozzles (PGN25CON)
    • 2 x Tip Holders (PCTH25)
    • 2 x Nozzle Springs (PGNS25)
    • 10 x 0.8mm Contact Tips (PCT0009-08)
    • 10 x 0.9 Contact Tips (PCT0009-09)


Unimig Rogue Heavy Duty Blue Welding Gloves UMWG8

The ROGUE™ Heavy Duty Welding Gloves are built for high heat and intensity MIG welding and plasma cutting. Made from heat and flame-resistant premium split cowhide and high-strength Kevlar stitching which adds durability and comfort when you need it most.


Unimig 0.9mm HYPERMIG E71T-11 Gasless MIG Wire 5kg XAE71T11-09-5


  • UNIMIG E71T-11 Gasless MIG Wire is a general-purpose self-shielded flux-cored wire designed for all position, single-pass and limited multiple-pass lap, fillet and butt welds on mild or galvanized steel.
  • E71T-11 Gasless MIG Wire is easy to use because it requires no shielding gas.
  • It has a very stable arc, low spatter and slag removal is easy.
  • E71T-11 Gasless MIG Wire is commonly used in the fabrication of structural beams on outdoor construction projects where adverse weather conditions hinder the flow of gas or where gas cylinders are not an option for logistical reasons.

RAZOR 175 MIG/STICK Welder (KUMJRRW175MIG), CHOAS Welding Helmet (UM-H-CHAOS), Binzel Style 25 Consumable Starter Kit (UMSK25), ROGUE Heavy Duty Welding Gloves (UMWG8), 0.9mm HYPERMIG E71T-11 Gasless MIG Wire 5kg (XAE71T11-09-5)
SKU PK11065
Shipping Weight 15.0000kg
Type tools
Warranty 2 Years

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