Free Toolguard 6 Month Theft Protection Automatically Included

Covers you for theft of products listed on the policy from

  • Locked vehicles or premises
  • Equipment securely attached to a vehicle with locks or padlocks

Please note that terms and conditions apply to theft claims, including an excess fee of 10% of the retail value of the product or $150, whichever is lower.

If you ever need to make a claim, our team is on the job to get things sorted and have you back in business fast.

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  • Extended Service Life - A greater volume of silica gel provides higher absorption rate over comparable products.
  • Long Lasting Shelf Life - A non-permeable, triple layer film packaging guarantees a longer shelf life over comparable products.
  • Effective Removal of Contaminants - The combination of an activated carbon filter, advanced electret filter, and baffle plate offers superior contamination control.
  • Eco-Friendly Orange Indicating Silica Gel - The Eco-Friendly Silica Gel will turn dark green for easy visual reference when moisture is absorbed.
  • Electret Filter (particle size > 2 µm) - removes airborne dirt, dust, and other undesirable particles by electrostatic charge
  • Activated Carbon Filter - removes moisture, fumes and odour
  • Desiccant - silica gel will turn from orange to green as it absorbs moisture from incoming air
  • Baffle Plate - protects silica gel from oil mist contamination
  • Oil Absorbent Foam - absorbs oil mist drawn from reservoir
Diameter5.54" / 14.07 cm
Height6.77" / 17.2 cm
Mounting Connection1" slip fit
Silica Gel660 g
Max. Adsorption Capacity279 ml
Max. Air Flow20 cfm
Max. Reservoir Fluid Flow150 gpm
Type of Desiccant100% Silica Gel
Brand Alemlube
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
Type tools
Height 6.77" / 17.2cm
Flow Rate 20cfm
Diameter 5.54" / 14.07cm

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