Lubrication & Fuel & Oil Transfer Equipment

Everybody who has worked with power tools and spent much time on the job site understands the need for lube and fuel transfer equipment.


Where there are mechanical moving parts, there is a need for proper lubrication to prevent harmful friction and to facilitate everything running smoothly. When running things such as diesel generators, there is a need for some way to transfer fuel from one place to another.


There is a great selection of lube and fuel transfer equipment to be found on these pages. Whatever your lube and fuel transfer needs may be, you are sure to find the right products at the best prices!


Here are some of the lube and fuel transfer products available on this website:


Alemlube Products: High quality lube and fuel transfer equipment products including air and water hose reels, chemical and specialty pumps, greasing equipment, oil transfer and metering products, transfer and metering, plus waste oil handing and spill control products.

Fuel Transfer Equipment: Disconnect gravity drum valves, drum level measuring gauges, tank pumps, drum trolleys, ATF flushers, single plane swivels, refueling kits and much more.

Grease Guns: Plenty of lube and fuel transfer equipment in this section! Grease gun extensions, lever grease guns, air operated grease guns, lever action heavy duty grease guns, lever action cordless grease guns, pre-filled pom pom grease guns, Macknaught Flexiguns and more.

Oil and Grease Systems: This includes such lube and fuel transfer equipment as grease gun extensions, oil control valves, ratio pumps, open grease reels with hoses, open grease reels, high pressure grease pumps and more.

Oil Dispensing Equipment: Here you will find such products as gravity drum valves, electronic oil meters, oil control valves, Samoa Pallecon oil dispensing kits, rigid spouts, twin skinned oil tanks, flexible spouts, flexible nozzles and more.

Oil Transfer Equipment: This includes such items as funnels, on/off control valves, oil transfer pumps, oil transfer kits with on/off guns, drum level measuring gauges, gravity drum valves, Samoa oil bar pumps, Piusi oil transfer pumps, drum trolleys and more.

Specialty Pumps: Here you will find such lube and fuel transfer equipment as high volume oil transfer pumps, Samoa low pressure ratio pumps, Ryton and stainless steel Bi-Lobe drum pumps, ratio pumps for bulk grease hoppers and more.

Waste Oil Handling and Spill Control: Many useful lube and fuel transfer equipment needs here, such as drum level measuring gauges, Piusi stationary automatic waste oil excavat, manual waste oil extractor and much more.


Whatever you need in the way of lube and fuel transfer equipment, you can find it here on at big savings, so start shopping now!