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When deciding on fasteners, the usual choices are nails, screws or bolts - but what about pop rivets?

Pop rivets are most often used when the metal or plastic is fairly thin and where you don’t need a particularly strong joint. The method is perfect for joining materials such as aluminium or thin sheet plastic. The simple design revolutionalised manufacturing, allowing thinner materials to be used in many applications. Materials that couldn't be welded could be held together inexpensively.

Pop riveting is a technique that joins pieces of metal. It may also be used to join plastic. The rivet consists of two parts:

  • The pin, or shank
  • The rivet, or mandrel

Pop rivet pliers are used to pull the pin through the rivet. In the process, the rivet becomes slightly deformed so that it joins the metal or plastic pieces.

A rivet gun pops the mandrel head off of the pop rivet at a pre-made break point, leaving the two objects firmly joined together. It's called a pop rivet because of the sound made when the end of the rivet is cut off!

Tools.com stock a range of pop riveting equipment, including hand riveters, craftsman guns, heavy duty guns, professional, or industrial pop rivet guns and a cordless, battery pop rivet gun. There are also 'long' and 'lazy' riveters! The best pop rivet gun is the one that fits your specific application.

We can supply most useful sizes, including M5, M6, M8, M10. Aluminium is the most common material; however, we also carry zinc steel rivets. For a complete solution, check out our Kincrome nut riveter sets.

We proudly stock all the major suppliers:

  • Airco
  • HIT
  • Kincrome
  • Lobster
  • Spear & Jackson
  • SRC
  • Stanley
  • Sun City
  • Supatool

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