Tool Storage

Tool boxes for utes and workshops help keep everything together and running smoothly.

Whether it's a small case with compartments or a large roll around tool chest, any professional builder, contractor, woodworker, masonry worker or DIY weekend warrior would be lost without some form of mobile tool storage to help them keep their tools and accessories neatly organized and easily located. Toolboxes with locks can protect valuable equipment from theft.

There are various types of tool boxes available for your tools and accessories in a wide range of prices and different materials. The purchase selected will be based solely on specific needs and preferences. Here are some examples of the different types on the market today:


Standard Tool Boxes

Traditionally, tools are stored in a box. It can be made out of metal, aluminium or heavy plastic, small and lightweight enough to be easily portable. Handy for storage of smaller tools and accessories, these boxes can be simply picked up and carried to the work site or point of use.


Steel Ute Tool Boxes

For mounting on the back or undertray, every well kitted out ute needs professional tool storage equipment. Usually made from checkered plate, ute tool boxes can be mounted on, or under, the tray. A gullwing design of tool boxes cleverly allows easy access from both sides of the truck. 


Tool Carts

Providing more storage space, tool carts are usually constructed of metal. Most have several drawers and shelves for ease of viewing and selection, as well as accessibility to the tools.


Trolley Tool Boxes

In a higher price range, trolleys provide more storage space and are easy to move around the workshop due to their wheels.


Work Benches

Work benches are fixed storage, with easy display and use of tools allowing fast stocking of toolboxes that need to be taken to site. Constructed of wood or metal, they usually have a work surface along with drawers and shelves. has everything you need in the way of tool boxes, plus thousands of other tools, accessories and equipment from famous brand names at super low prices.