Outdoor Power Equipment

Lawn, garden and landscaping jobs would be a lot harder to tackle without the use of outdoor power equipment

What is Outdoor Power Equipment?

Generally speaking, outdoor power equipment is any equipment used outdoors in yard work, garden work or any type of outdoor job, such as:

Outdoor power equipment will make short work of many tasks that would call for untold arduous hours---such as mowing a lawn, clearing up fallen leaves, trimming around steps, hedges and trees---the old fashioned way with hand tools and brute strength. Chainsaws, in particular, are a huge improvement over the old painstaking way of cutting trees and limbs with a cross cut saw.

When buying outdoor power equipment, it is vitally important to select name brand, high quality products from an established, reputable dealer. Safety is a big issue when using outdoor power equipment and you certainly do not want to risk life and limb of either yourself or an employee by purchasing sub-standard outdoor power equipment that is shoddily made and therefore unsafe. Besides the risk of injury from cheaply produced outdoor power equipment, most of the products included in this category are fairly expensive and the last thing you want to do is replace parts frequently or worse yet; have to replace a whole piece of equipment such as a riding mower because it was not well made to begin with and didn't have the durability it needed to provide you with years of reliable service.

Here are some tips to help you make a wise buying decision for various types of outdoor power equipment:


Walk Behind Mowers There are self propelled mowers and push mowers. Before buying, determine how large an area you will probably need to mow and then decide whether you need the user friendliness of a self propelled mower to help you mow a large area more easily, or just a regular push type that will call for a little more muscle and effort on your part.

Weed Eaters Weed eaters, or string trimmers, come in assorted sizes and of different cutting widths. If you have a very large area to do, such as in a commercial lawn care and landscaping business, you might need a weed eater with a wider cutting width, in order to get the job done faster.

Chain Saws You may either purchase a gasoline powered chain saw or an electric model. Obviously, if you will be cutting trees and limbs in remote locations, you need outdoor power equipment that doesn't require electricity. There are various sizes of chain saws. The one you choose will depend upon your own particular needs.

Use care in choosing other pieces of outdoor power equipment, too, and you will find that you have made a smart buy and gotten products that will serve you will for many years!