Tools: Having the Right Files in Your Workshop is a Plus!

Having the right files in your tool box or workshop can be a huge plus when it comes to getting a job done right!

Files serve a very useful purpose whether you are a professional who depends on having the right tools to earn a living, or a DIY Weekend Warrior who thrives on keeping busy with home improvement projects.

You might have heard the old saying that there is nothing new under the sun and files are no exception. In fact, these were some of the earliest tools in recorded history and were mentioned in the Bible during the time of King Saul's reign around 1100 B.C. The first, very primitive files were fashioned from stone and had teeth that ran at right angles across the file blank.

Leonardo da Vinci invented a contraption to cut files by machine, but the first actual machine used in cutting files was made by a French inventor, Chopitel, in 1750.

There are several types of files available today.


Types of Files

There are files for almost any project! You can find files in a wide range of sizes, materials, shapes, tooth configurations and cuts. Here are some of the various types of files you can find to add to your tools:

  • Crossing Files
  • Knife Files
  • Square Files
  • Pippin Files
  • Round Parallel Files
  • Pillar Files
  • Round Files
  • Nut Files
  • Slitting Files
  • Crochet Files
  • Triangular Files
  • Warding Files
  • Dreadnought Files
  • Farrier Rasps
  • Diamond Files
  • Needle Files
  • Riffler Files
  • Machine Files

Wow! You can see that no matter what application you need a file for, there is one to do the job!

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