The ergonomic design of Bahco's award-winning ERGO hand tools reduces the potential for muscle fatigue. Hours of research and development the goes into each item to ensure that the user is always safe, productive, and profitable when using a Bahco tool kit.

The company has over 130 years of experience in hand tools, so it is no surprise that a Bahco socket set and adjustable wrench commonly feature in the professional's toolbag.

Hand Saws

A Bahco saw is the result of very many years of research and refining. Their Handsaw System features an interchangeable blade locking system which means that blades can be changed, quickly, as required, adding flexibility to performance. The Laplander folding saw is sought-after equipment on site, as well as for a general purpose survival tool.


Still known as a 'Swedish Key' or even a 'Bahco', the adjustable wrench was perfected by this company as long ago as 1891. A patented jaw and handle design provides the user with improved grip, allowing use on pipes, bolts and nuts of all shapes.

Measures & Levels

Look to the range of stainless and fibreglass measuring tapes, spirit levels and squares for accuracy in taking quick and easy measurements.

Sockets and Spanners

Bahco spanner and socket sets are designed to cater specifically for the needs of the Tradie. Built to function effectively on site, they are designed, made and heat treated to provide excellent performance, strength and wear resistance.


Used by electricians and telecommunications professionals, mechanics and plumbers, there is a cutter in the Bahco tool kit for most purposes. These specialist tools are designed for purpose, whether that requires great leverage, cutting capacity, flexibility or protection through insulation.

Perfect for chiselling, smoothing, sharpening and deburring, Bahco tools allow confident reshaping to requirements. Ergonomic design of all handles makes these tools a pleasure to use, achieving a professional finish at all times. Each Bahco chisel comes with its own protective holster.


Comfortable and manoeuvrable, pliers replace nimble fingers in cutting and fine work.


Providing superior working comfort, strength, safety and usability, these screwdrivers are specially designed for purpose requirements. With an extensive range to choose from, all are made from high performance, chrome plated alloy steel, hardened, with black finished tips.

Choose from the Bahco Australia product range at to benefit from truly revolutionary design and craftsmanship in your hand tool kit.