Saw Blades

Huge Range of Saw Blades Online

Making smooth, safe cuts largely depends on your circular saw blades. So, you need saw blades of the highest quality that are sharp, durable and designed to get your cutting jobs done quickly and efficiently.

The type of saw blades you buy depends on the type of cutting applications you have. The material being cut, the type of saw and other factors all come into play when you are shopping for circular saw blades. A diamond saw blade will cut differently to an aluminium blade. You will need the right saw blades for your tools, with the right strength, to complete your task without any issues.

Types of Saw Blades stocked by include:

Most saw blades are designed to perform a specific type of cutting job. For instance, there are saw blades made for:

  • Ripping lumber
  • Crosscutting lumber
  • Cutting veneered plywood and panels
  • Cutting laminates and plastics
  • Cutting melamine
  • Cutting non-ferrous metals
  • General purpose saw blades
  • Combination saw blades designed to work well in two or more types of cut

The saw blades that are made to complete these jobs are made very differently. What saw blades do best is determined by the number of teeth, the type of gullet, the tooth configuration and the hook angle or the angle of the tooth, as well as what the saw blade is made from. For example, a diamond saw blade is made to cut hard metals, whereas aluminium saw blade, is weaker and is meant for wood and softer materials.

Have a look through our saw blades online to find the right one for your task. Whether it is a strong diamond saw blade that will last, or an aluminium saw blade for the small task at home, or even something more specific like cement saw blade, we have it in our store.