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What is Toolpay - Purchase Online And Instore

The Toolpay Trade Account is an exclusive financing solution that enables you to purchase Tools, Automotive, and Safety products from using a line of credit of up to 90 days.

As a trade customer, you can buy now and utilise Account terms, allowing you to manage your cash flow more effectively.

With this account, you can make purchases on our website or at our stores and have the products delivered to your desired location.

By using the Toolpay Trade Account, you can easily keep your business spending separate from personal expenses, providing you with greater control over your finances. Initially, Toolpay offers payment terms of up to 90 days from the invoice date (for in-store purchases) or from the shipment date (for online orders).

To apply for a Trade Credit Account, simply complete the form below, and we will send you an email with further instructions. Take advantage of the Toolpay Trade Account today to streamline your business operations and improve your cash flow.


Toolpay: A Convenient Solution for Businesses

Toolpay is a convenient solution for businesses that need to purchase tools, automotive, and safety products from With Toolpay, you can use a line of credit to buy now and defer payment via our 30 Day Account terms for trade customers. This allows you to keep your business spending separate from your personal shopping and provides you with the cash flow improvements you need in your business.


Setting up a Toolpay Trade Account

Setting up a 30-Day Toolpay Trade Account is easy, simple, and can be completed online. We offer 30 Day Business Accounts to any business whose ABN is more than 6 months old and who meets the credit financial criteria required.


Credit Limits Available

The credit limit available varies depending on your specific business needs and credit history.

As you will have time to pay your invoice once the application is approved, when selecting your credit limit consider both your everyday business essentials as well as your future needs and one-off purchases, such as tools, consumables, and safety.

Once approved, Credit Limits from $500 to $200,000 are available, and you will be eligible for credit reviews from time to time.

Your available credit limit will be available  to view online.



To successfully apply for a  Trade Account, you'll need to ensure you can say 'yes' to the following:

  • Do you have a valid ABN number that is more than 6 months old?
  • Have a good credit history and references for us to check.

Then simply fill in the online application and you're ready to go!



Repayment of your Toolpay account can be made anytime via EFT, or on the maturity date with Direct Debit. It is important to note that fees and charges may apply if your account is not kept up to date or if a payment extension is required.


Extra Benefits to Assist Your Business

As a Toolpay account holder, you can enjoy several extra benefits, including:


Shop Online

It's so easy to buy online with Toolpay. You can shop directly on the website, by choosing 'Pay with Toolpay' at our website checkouts, Card T&Cs apply. This allows you to check out faster, save multiple delivery addresses, and access your entire order history, as well as save items to your wish list. Repeat orders can be saved for duplication or set up a time repeat order.


Shop In-Store

At our stores nationally, you will be able to use your Toolpay account in the same easy way as online. With the best prices available every day in our stores and great service, Toolpay makes doing business as easy as possible for you so you can stay focused on your business. Online after-hours 24/7.


Trade Pricing

We can tailor pricing to your trade or business needs with consumables and so on. Talk to our friendly team at any time and get access to special pricing on a range of products and tailor pricing for your everyday trade or business needs. If you have repeat purchases of consumables, we can get you the very best market prices available.

In summary, Toolpay offers a range of benefits to help you manage your business expenses and improve your cash flow. With our easy application process, flexible credit limits, and extra benefits, Toolpay is an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations and access the tools and supplies they need.