Get the tools you need now on our amazing Toolfleet program.

Get the tools you need, when you need them. With no upfront payments you are able to keep your hard earned profits in your pocket. Toolfleet is a trade account with a difference, it spreads every product over 36 or 60 instalments with a once a month payment

 And everything is insured for theft during the instalment program.

If we sell it. You can fleet it.

To create your Toolfleet program simply add the desired products you want and proceed to the cart page. On the cart page, you'll see the total cost of your order on a Toolfleet plan. If you're interested in this option, click the 'Convert to Toolfleet Cart' button and complete the checkout process

 Our financial partner will then contact you for the financial credit approval process. If you’re an ABN holder this should be the method you use, its faster and provides a higher limit for you to get the tools you need.

36 and 60 (ABN Holder) monthly instalments

Spread all of your purchases into bite sized monthly instalments in a digital wallet

Theft protection

Your ability to continue working is secure with our theft protection program built into your purchase. 

Simply obtain a police report and pay the small excess fee and you will be back to work in no time.

Master Facility

Should you believe your annual purchases would exceed $20,000 or have multiple repeat purchases we would suggest applying for the Master plan program to avoid having to re apply every time etc.

Apply for the Master program here


What is Toolfleet?

Small Payments

Theft Protection

Toolfleet provides you a pre-approved credit limit to build your fleet of tools and pay for them over an extended period of time.

One. Two. Three... Fleet

Apply for Toolfleet and our financial partner will carry out a one-off financial assessment to calculate your Toolfleet credit limit. This limit allows you to know how many products you can choose based on their monthly instalment cost

Frequently Asked Questions


 A Repayment term of 36 months or 60 months (ABN Customers only)


  • Products you purchase on Toolfleet Finance
    • Must be valued between $1,000 - $20,000D
  • Interest rate is fixed into the agreement at approx. 9% p.a
    • Your interest component is fixed at the start of the agreement and does not change over the period of the agreement.
  • Theft Insurance 
    • If your product is stolen it will be replaced (Police report is required)
  • Customer fees
  • Ezidebit fees
  • Account keeping fee included in repayments.
    • This is keeping records of your asset, warranty information.
  • $75 establishment fee payable on your first repayment date included in your first instalment. (Instalment amount doesn’t change)
  • A late payment fee may be applied if you miss a repayment (Late fees are capped at $49.90/year)
  • Other fees and charges may be applicable


Eligibility & Terms

  • Be 18 years or over and an Australian resident
  • Have an Australian driver's license, passport or Medicare card
  • Provide your own email address and mobile number
  • All applications for credit are subject to financial partners credit approval. Fees, terms and conditions apply. works with a number of financial partners who work with us to assess your credit limit. We do our best to ensure we get you the tools you need.


The credit process includes a review of your business (ABN holders) or personal finances that involves a review of your bank statement. This is the same method that companies like ZIP, Afterpay and others use. This involves either a one off viewing of the bank statement via or for you to send us the statements for review. 


Absolutely! We will not penalise you for this at all. Infact, we encourage it!


Your login information is passed securely to your bank to gain ‘read only’ access to your transaction history.

Our partner is restricted to a one off viewing format only to create a credit assessment for the monthly ability to meet the cost of Toolfleet.

Your login information is then permanently deleted. Your login information will never be accessed by human eyes, displayed or stored anywhere.


This process was developed in conjunction with Australian major banks to create fast credit reviews and it is market leading technology.


Talk to us should you have further concerns about how we can alleviate that for you. has been operating this way since 2013.

Yes. However you do need to meet the criteria to be eligible.

  • Be older than 18 years of age
  • Be employed

If your limit is restricted we will work with you over time to increase your ability to get the tools.

Some manufacturers offer discounts which we will attempt to use when applying as an apprentice. 

We'll certainly help you find and build the toolbox of your dreams, while also protecting it with manufacturers' warranties, enhanced by theft protection and other support programs. 

If you need help sourcing the right products for the job, please contact our customer service team.


As many as you want, the skies the limit! However this does depend on your approved credit limit.

If your application has been declined, unfortunately, we are unable to specify the exact reason or overturn the decision. This is due to privacy laws that we have to abide by. But generally, some common factors will be the reason for this. As a responsible provider of credit, and its financial partners consider a number of factors as part of our assessment process.


This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Your credit file, which may demonstrate your repayment history with other lenders (e.g. telcos, utilities and credit accounts).

This helps us determine whether you can comfortably meet your repayments.


Some suggestions before applying are to:


  • Review your spending in the 4 months prior to applying.
  • Don’t use your work account for betting apps
  • Streamline your expenses so that It's all about your business and remove anything that could be deemed as something a financial institution would be concerned about.


It is simply all about good management of your business. If you want to learn more information relating to your personal credit file, please contact Equifax directly who offer a free service for you to review your credit history.


The personal information you provide allows us to confirm your identity. You may be eligible to re-apply if your circumstances change, however, you will need to wait 6 months in order to do so.

Your internet banking statements allow us and our financial partners to verify the information you have provided in your application. This includes your income, rent or mortgage payments. employs industry-standard and bank-level SSL encryption technology, as well as a world-class firewall system to ensure optimum security for your data. We do not see or store your credentials and receive 'read-only' information of your recent transactions.


This process is used by ANZ, PayPal, HSBC, and many others when doing a credit assessment. This process also provides us with an instant verification service powered by (illion), the Australian leader in automated bank statement data retrieval. Since 2013 they have provided secure, automated data retrieval services to over a quarter of a million Australians as part of their credit applications.


You can learn more about who we use here;


You can also call and talk about concerns on (08) 7122 9452. They can talk about how their credit product is safe and secure.

Simply complete your purchase by  adding the product to your cart using the toolfleet option and select the toolfleet payment option at the checkout page. If the product you are looking at is not available for toolfleet on the product page, you can apply for this product on toolfleet via one of our customer service representatives who will guide you through the process.

As a responsible provider of credit, and its financial partners will consider a number of factors as part of our assessment process.

When you apply for a Toolfleet account, we may need to perform identity and/or credit checks to verify your details and confirm you can make repayments.

These checks are performed in accordance with our Privacy Acknowledgement, which you will have to agree to start your application.


If you have any questions regarding your credit score or the information provided as part of a credit check, you can contact any of the following credit reporting bodies for more information:


Equifax Australian Information Services & Solutions Pty Ltd

t: 13 83 32


Ilion Australian Pty Ltd ( )

t: 13 23 33 or +61 3 9828 3200


Creditor Watch Pty Ltd

t: 1300 501 312


Our Privacy Policy can be accessed here

You can deactivate your Toolfleet account at any time as long as the amount owed is zero.


If you still have a balance owing, your repayments will run as normal as per the set schedule until completed. If you have no balance owing, you won't be charged anything and will not be able to use the account until you are ready.


You must have a $0 balance before you can close your account.

Contact us if you wish to payout the amount owed.

If you're having trouble making a payment, please call us before the due date, and we'll work with you to find a feasible solution. We don't believe in just hitting you with a fee for missing a payment, so we will work with you to find a soluation that enables you to pay.

The Toolfleet payment plan lasts for 36 months. It has been designed so that you can stretch the payments into bit-sized pieces!

If your circumstances have changed, you may be eligible to reapply for a Toolfleet account 6 months after your last unsuccessful application.


As an alternative, in the short term, you may be eligible to apply for a 30 or 60 Toolpay trade account. This also counts favorably towards any issues with your credit history. We know it is sometimes beyond your control so we are here to work with you.

The Toolfleet wallet allows you more control over your spending. Once you have completed a financial assessment you know exactly how much credit you have to spend. Once approved, you don’t need to go through the process again and can add products anytime. Another credit assessment will be needed only if an increase in the credit limit is requested. 

Your monthly payments for Toolfleet will start only after your order has been shipped by We aim to start your billing cycle only after you have received your products

Yes! If you are coming up to the end of your terms and would like to upgrade or simply purchase more tools using Toolfleet, let us know and we can help with the process!

A credit assessment can be done at any time and will help you understand the maximum credit limit we can offer you on Toolfleet at any time. If you believe that you will exceed $20,000 in purchases we would suggest applying for a Master facility as opposed to applying each time you want tools. A Master facility will review a maximum limit available as opposed to just the tools you want today.

We understand that there are some things in life that are out of your control.


If you are experiencing financial vulnerability or hardship, our dedicated support team is here to help during these challenging times. and our contracted financial partners will work to solve issues that exist without it causing further stress.


Simply contact our customer service or our financial partner used for your Toolfleet application and we can discuss your situation.


What is financial hardship?

Financial hardship is the situation where a customer is willing and has the intention to pay but is unable to meet their repayments. With formal hardship assistance, the expectation is that a customer’s financial situation can be restored. Financial hardship is more common than people might think and many people will find themselves in financial hardship at some point in their life.


Common events contributing to financial hardship may include:


  • Changes in income or expenditure;
  • Changes in employment status, such as losing a job or having working hours reduced;
  • Significant life events such as a relationship breakdown or death in the family;
  • Injury or illness
  • Emergency events or natural disasters.


A period of financial hardship is often temporary and given time, many customers overcome their financial difficulties and repay their debts.


Our goal is to help customers in genuine financial hardship get through this period, so they can get themselves back on track. We are committed to working with our customers to find an appropriate solution that is effective and sustainable. We also acknowledge that ongoing access to the program is dependent on customers remaining committed to the program and its policies and communicate with our Hardship team.


At’s we understand that sometimes you might need extra care to help manage some of life’s more challenging moments.


Anyone can become vulnerable as a result of any number of life events such as loss of work, family violence, the death of a partner or being diagnosed with an illness. 


Vulnerability may also occur as a result of the issuing of unsuitable financial or insurance products, economic downturn, age, disability or mental illness. and its partners are committed to helping customers who are vulnerable or experiencing hardship. Our team is available to listen to your individual circumstances and answer any questions you might have. We understand everyone’s needs are different, so we assess each application on a case-by-case basis.


To help, we may seek information on:


  • The circumstances surrounding your situation
  • What amounts you can repay in the meantime
  • When can you commence making these payments
  • How long you foresee the situation lasting


Based on the information you provide we are able to provide you with a support plan based on your personal circumstances.


Your support plan may include:


  • A short-term payment arrangement to help your get back on your feet
  • A variation to your contract
  • A short term moratorium or a deferral of repayments
  • Suspension or variation of interest and fees


All requests for hardship assistance will be treated in the strictest confidence as we work together to find a solution.


How do I apply for assistance?

You can discuss vulnerability and hardship with our customer service team online or via our contact us page.


Find a financial counselor

If you wish to access financial counseling services to get advice on how to manage your finances or access easy to use guides, you can contact:


National Debt Helpline: a not-for-profit service that provides free, independent and confidential financial counseling to help people tackle their debt problems and get back on track.


Contact 1800 007 007 or visit


Way Forward: a not-for-profit organisation offering free, long-term support for people to manage and repay their debts. Way Forward can help you if you have debts across multiple creditors, have an income but are experiencing financial difficulty and would benefit from someone working with the lenders on your behalf.


Contact 1300 045 502 or visit

Toolfleet is a monthly instalment plan that uses Direct Debit. A Direct Debit which you will approve in the process will occur once a month with the value of your monthly pre-agreed amounts. uses Ezidebit for processing its direct debit transactions. A credit card is not possible to use in this process.

Toolguard is our very own theft protection - that peace of mind you didn't know you needed! Learn more about our Theft Protection Plan here.

No. and our financial assessment partner receive a strictly 'read-only' view of your transaction information. While your username and password are initially used to log into your account and download your transactions, they are not saved in our or any other database.

We cannot attempt to initiate any transactions as we are only able to view the statements area.

Security is in our DNA

We do not store online banking credentials and we are not permitted to do so. Our financial partner only gets viewing access to do a credit assessment.


The service provided by is independently tested and audited by external security experts.It is provided to us and our lending partners as a service to assist you get the maximum credit available. Your data is encrypted with bank level 256-bit encryption, secured by 2048-bit keys.


Your statements are only provided to the lender or broker we use.


At, we aim to offer Toolfleet to everyone, regardless of the size of their toolbox, whether on a truck, in a workshop, or for a business employing several subcontractors and staff.

Talk to us, and we will collaborate with our financial provider - Walletpay, to create a program that is feasible for you. 


No, you can spend as much as you need with toolfleet, there is no maximum limit. However, the credit assessment you complete with our partner company Walletpay will determine the payment plan we can offer you

That all depends on how much you are applying for! The more you get approved for, the bigger the monthly payments are. However, we have done our best to make sure the monthly payments are as manageable as possible!

If your application has been canceled it may be that the information you've provided is insufficient for assessment or we were unable to get an assessment done on information provided.


To move forward, please respond to any of our emails or text messages we've sent requesting further details. You may also contact customer service relating to this who can initiate any further information that may be needed by our financial partner.


If you need assistance or further clarification as to what is required to complete your application, please contact our customer service.