Combination Tool Kits

Combination Tool Kits Offer Great Value!

There are many advantages to buying combination tool kits. One of the biggest benefits is that you will generally get a much better deal---as in a lower price---by “bundling” your purchase of power tools as opposed to buying each tool separately.

What are Combination Tool Kits?

Combination tool kits are those that come equipped with more than one tool. For instance, the kit might contain a mitre saw, screw driver, wrenches, hammers and similar hand tools. There are combination tool kits available in a very wide variety of tools, as well as a wide range of sizes. Some combination tool kits have hundreds of pieces!

There are metric tool kits and standard tool kits for hand tools. As far as brands, Sidchrome and KC are considered to be two of the best for combination tool kits.

When shopping around for combination tool kits, the one that you eventually choose to purchase will be based upon your own individual needs and preferences. For example, if you are planning on doing a lot of woodworking, you would almost certainly be better satisfied with one of the combination tool kits with a lot of the tools you would need for that application. You may need one of the metric combination tool kits if you do auto repair on vehicles that require metric tools.

Sidchrome combination tool kits are highly recommended for several reasons:

  • Durability---Sidchrome tools are forged from special alloy steel and then heat treated for the utmost strength and durability.

  • Safer---Sidchrome tools have a patented “AntiSlip” design that makes them much safer to work with. This innovative features a locking groove that prevents slippage and avoids scraping your knuckles---always a plus! The arc design provides greater surface contact by over 400%. This translates to more torque applied to fasteners, which in turn results in increased safety.

  • User friendly---The AntiSlip design also makes Sidchrome tools easier to use.

  • Sidchrome Torque Plus---The patented TorquePlus fastening system provides for increased contact with the flats of fasteners, which means that there is more torque and easier fastening.

As you can see, combination tool kits really are a great way to boost your buying power because you acquire the tools you need at a much lower and more economical price than buying each one individually. This savings might allow you to buy something else you've had your eye on!

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