Tool Bags

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It would be virtually impossible to work on any building project without a tool bag or tool belt to hold all your tools, fixings and accessories. Having the right equipment can save many a wasted step back and forth to your toolbox, plus a lot of time and energy

Some brands have made a name by the quality of their tool bags. For example the DeWalt tool bag is in common use on every work site, and FatMax Stanley tool solutions are some of the best tool carriers in the business.

Our online store has a wide range of tool bags for sale in canvas, leather and other heavy duty materials, as well as belts and fittings that include a wide range of qualities, prices and uses.

Site bags and gear bag types include the holdall, tool backpack, tote, organiser, duffle and shoulder bag. There are also specialist bags, for example the miner's bag, builder's bag, electrician's tool bag and heavy duty bags as well.

For personal safety and tool carrying, we stock shoulder braces and harnesses, as well as tool bag rolls, tool belts, riggers belts and tool aprons. As well as ratchet holders, chisel holders and nail bags, we supply all the tool frogs for accessories, including hammer, tape and shifter frogs. Don't forget your phone holder and insulated pvc crib bag for lunch.

When on the move you may need a modular storage set, tool trolley or tool bag on wheels or a motorcycle tool bag, alternatively, a travel tube or transit bag.

Nobody knows what you need better than you, so have a look through these tool bags and tool belts online to find something that suits your needs, and maybe walk away with a handy Buckaroo, Rugged Extremes or Stanley tool bag or back pack.

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