Chainsaws and Associated Equipment

Just imagine the time consuming, laborious process that workers had to go through before the invention of chainsaws.

Felling a tree, lopping off branch limbs, sawing firewood - all of these tasks that can be accomplished nowadays in a a flash took many hours of backbreaking and dangerous work in days of yore!

If you are shopping around for chainsaws, a pole saw or a replacement chainsaw chain, has just what you need to get your work done fast and efficiently.

We have a full range of chainsaws for sale, including models from:

  • Husqvarna
  • Makita
  • DeWalt
  • TPE Australia.

Choose a petrol or electric chainsaw from our well-priced selection and check out our accessories and chainsaw chain replacements. If you're looking for a chainsaw on a pole, or a pole saw, you can purchase it as a unit or a similar result can be achieved by adding an extension pole or a telescopic pole saw attachment to your regular chainsaw unit.

If this is the type of flexibility you enjoy, why not consider purchasing one of our multi-function models from Makita? Their non-directional drive shaft that powers the chainsaw is compatible with brush cutter, hedge trimmer, pole saw and cultivator attachments, as well. It's certainly the most cost-effective garden maintenance solution.

If your old chainsaw chain has no life in it, consider replacing it to revitalise your cutting. A chainsaw sharpener is a specialist job, with each tiny blade of the saw needing to be honed, but you can easily purchase a saw chain, online, for most of the models we support.

When you buy from, you get super low prices and convenient delivery directly to your door on chainsaws as well as thousands of other high quality products.

Start shopping and saving on chainsaws now with Australia's One Stop Shop for tools, accessories and equipment.