Router Bits

Whether shaping edges, making joints or hollowing out, stock a broad selection of router bits types. Select the right bit for your purpose and material and order online for fast and easy delivery.

Check out our range of router bits for Makita and Festool routers and trimmers. All parts have high quality carbide tip cutters, sharpened with diamond abrasives, and most are available in the common sizes of 1/2” and 1/4” shanks. Precision balanced, they have a non-stick coating that prevents resin build up.

A premier supplier of router bits in Australia, we can assist you with straight, rabbet, chamfer, roundover and tongue and groove cuts - in fact any profile you require.

See our selection sections for more information on each part, including:

  • Straight cutters - with 1/2" or 1/4" shanks for groove or dado, to hollow out a mortise or decorative inlay.
  • Compression spiral cutters or compression bits - great for cutting openings in wood, compressing the chips into the centre of the bit.
  • Diamond tipped PCD cutters - Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tipped cutters with significantly longer tool life due to high wear resistance.
  • Trim bits and Flush trim bits - used for laminate trimming or to rout identical pieces with a pattern.
  • Replaceable insert bits - for optimum efficiency in routing.
  • Specialised router bits - including multi-profile bits, rail and stile bits and raised panel bits. stock all the major brands, including:

  • Carb-I-Tool: with full range of premium quality bits
  • Flai: for both straight and profiled router bits
  • Makita: for a huge variety of both common and specialist bits

    Why not look at our router bits sets for best value and flexibility in choice, giving you the most common bits for use in general woodworking.

    With’s great online selection, you will be assured of safe and smooth cutting with our high quality, long-lasting router bits.